Industry: 9311—Public Finance, Taxation, and Monetary Policy
Government establishments primarily engaged in financial administration and taxation including monetary policy; tax administration; collection, custody and disbursement of funds; debt and investment administration; government employee retirement and other trust funds; and the like. Income maintenance program administration is classified in Industry 9441. Government establishments primarily engaged in regulation of insurance and banking institutions are classified in Industry 9651.

Budget agencies—governmentProperty tax assessors' offices
Controllers' offices—governmentState tax commissions
Customs BureausTaxation departments
Gambling control boards—governmentTreasurers' offices—government
Lottery control boards—government
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9311Finance, Taxation, and Monetary Policy5,606
931100Finance, taxation, and monetary policy1,241
93110000Finance, taxation, and monetary policy1,241
93110101Customs Bureau469
93110102Property tax assessors' office680
93110103State tax commission61
93110104Taxation department, government1,125
931102Public finance and monetary policy1,211
93110200Public finance and monetary policy225
93110201Budget agency, government109
93110202Controllers' office, government150
93110203Gambling control board, government38
93110204Lottery control board, government132
93110205Treasurers' office, government557
931104Finance, taxation, and monetary policy, level of government621
93110400Finance, taxation, and monetary policy, level of government6
93110401Finance, taxation, and monetary policy, Federal government12
93110402Finance, taxation, and monetary policy, State government126
93110403Finance, taxation, and monetary policy, County government272
93110404Finance, taxation, and monetary policy, Local government205