SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9229—Public Order and Safety, Not Elsewhere Classified
Government establishments primarily engaged in public order and safety, not elsewhere classified, including general administration of public order and safety programs. Collection of statistics on overall public safety is included here.

Criminal justice statistics centers—governmentLaw enforcement statistics centers—government
Disaster preparedness and management offices—governmentPublic safety bureaus—government
Emergency management offices—governmentPublic safety statistics centers—government
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9229Public Order and Safety, Nec2,497
922900Public order and safety, nec40
92290000Public order and safety, nec40
922901Public order and safety statistics centers1,022
92290100Public order and safety statistics centers610
92290101Criminal justice statistics center, government90
92290102Law enforcement statistics center, government306
92290103Public safety statistics center, government16
922904Public order and safety, level of government458
92290400Public order and safety, level of government45
92290401Public order and safety, Federal government44
92290402Public order and safety, State government74
92290403Public order and safety, County government162
92290404Public order and safety, Local government133
922999Public order and safety, nec, nec977
92299901Disaster preparedness and management office, government105
92299902Emergency management office, government700
92299903Public safety bureau, government172