SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9224—Fire Protection
Government establishments primarily engaged in firefighting and other related fire protection activities. Government and private establishments primarily engaged in forest firefighting and fire protection services are classified in Agriculture, Industry 0851. Private establishments primarily engaged in other firefighting services are classified in Services, Industry 7389.

Fire departments, including volunteer—governmentFire prevention offices—government
Fire marshals' offices—government
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9224Fire Protection35,503
922400Fire protection1,715
92240000Fire protection1,715
922404Fire protection, level of government4,191
92240400Fire protection, level of government27
92240401Fire protection, Federal government18
92240402Fire protection, State government116
92240403Fire protection, County government595
92240404Fire protection, Local government3,435
922499Fire protection, nec29,597
92249901Fire department, not including volunteer7,838
92249902Fire department, volunteer21,393
92249903Fire marshals' office, government226
92249904Fire prevention office, government140