SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9222—Legal Counsel and Prosecution
Government establishments primarily engaged in providing legal counsel to or prosecution for their governments and operation or administration of crime prevention programs. Government establishments primarily engaged in the collection of criminal justice statistics are classified in Industry 9229.

Attorneys general's officesPublic defenders' offices
District attorneys' officesPublic prosecutors' offices
Legal counsel offices—government
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9222Legal Counsel and Prosecution3,895
922200Legal counsel and prosecution126
92220000Legal counsel and prosecution126
922201Prosecuting parties2,360
92220100Prosecuting parties40
92220101Attorney general's office775
92220102District attorneys' office1,006
92220103Public prosecutors' office134
92220104United States attorneys' office405
922202Legal counsel821
92220200Legal counsel66
92220201Legal counsel office, government137
92220202Public defenders' office618
922204Legal counsel and prosecution, level of government588
92220400Legal counsel and prosecution, level of government3
92220401Legal counsel and prosecution, Federal government235
92220402Legal counsel and prosecution, State government88
92220403Legal counsel and prosecution, County government201
92220404Legal counsel and prosecution, Local government61