Industry: 9111—Executive Offices
Offices of chief executives and their advisory and interdepartmental committees and commissions.

Advisory commissions, executiveGovernors' offices
City and town managers' officesMayors' offices
County supervisors' and executives' officesPresident's office
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9111Executive Offices32,268
911100Executive offices5,320
91110000Executive offices5,320
911101Executive offices, national139
91110100Executive offices, national49
91110101Executive advisory commission33
91110102Presidents' office57
911102Executive offices, state and local20,717
91110200Executive offices, state and local417
91110201City and town managers' office15,015
91110202County supervisors' and executives' office2,168
91110203Governors' office758
91110204Mayors' office2,359
911104Executive offices, level of government6,092
91110400Executive offices, level of government44
91110401Executive offices, Federal government133
91110402Executive offices, State government632
91110403Executive offices, County government1,779
91110404Executive offices, Local government3,504