SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5712—Furniture Stores
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of household furniture. These stores may also sell home furnishings, major appliances, and floor coverings.

Beds and springs—retailJuvenile furniture—retail
Cabinet work on a custom basis to individual order—retailMattress stores, including custom made—retail
Cabinets, kitchen: not built in—retailOutdoor furniture—retail
Furniture, custom made—retailWaterbeds—retail
Furniture, household, with or without furnishings and appliances—retail
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5712Furniture Stores48,925
571200Furniture stores27,026
57120000Furniture stores27,026
571201Beds and accessories13,388
57120100Beds and accessories1,132
57120101Bedding and bedsprings286
57120103Waterbeds and accessories129
571202Customized furniture and cabinets4,277
57120200Customized furniture and cabinets855
57120201Cabinet work, custom2,958
57120202Custom made furniture, except cabinets464
571299Furniture stores, nec4,234
57129901Bar fixtures, equipment and supplies93
57129902Cabinets, except custom made: kitchen392
57129903Juvenile furniture167
57129904Office furniture2,459
57129905Outdoor and garden furniture957
57129906Unfinished furniture166