Industry: 5699—Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessory Stores
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of specialized lines of apparel and accessories, not elsewhere classified, such as uniforms, bathing suits, raincoats, riding apparel, sports apparel, umbrellas, wigs, and toupees. This industry also includes custom tailors primarily engaged in making and selling men's and women's clothing, except fur apparel. Establishments primarily engaged in making fur apparel to custom order are classified in Industry 5632.

Bathing suit stores—retailRiding apparel stores—retail
Belts, apparel custom—retailShirts custom made—retail
Custom tailors—retailSports apparel stores—retail
Dresses made to order—retailTee shirts custom printed—retail
Dressmakers' shops, custom—retailUmbrella stores—retail
Merchant tailors—retailUniforms—retail
Raincoat stores—retailWig toupee and wiglet stores—retail
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5699Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessories26,396
569900Miscellaneous apparel and accessory stores4,626
56990000Miscellaneous apparel and accessory stores4,626
569901Uniforms and work clothing3,787
56990100Uniforms and work clothing846
56990101Military goods and regalia292
56990103Work clothing247
569902Costumes and wigs1,351
56990200Costumes and wigs132
56990201Costumes, masquerade or theatrical184
56990202Wigs, toupees, and wiglets1,035
569903Sports apparel5,742
56990300Sports apparel3,929
56990301Bathing suits583
56990302Marine apparel33
56990303Riding apparel142
56990304Western apparel1,055
569904Customized clothing and apparel7,671
56990400Customized clothing and apparel2,021
56990401Belts, apparel: custom84
56990402Custom tailor2,612
56990403Dressmakers, custom279
56990404Knit dresses, made to order6
56990405Shirts, custom made606
56990406T-shirts, custom printed1,994
56990407Clothing, hand painted69
569999Miscellaneous apparel and accessory stores, nec3,219
56999901Caps and gowns (academic vestments)158
56999902Clergy vestments698
56999903Designers, apparel1,063
56999904Formal wear517
56999905Leather garments330
56999907Square dance apparel95
56999908Stockings: men's, women's, and children's31