SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5661—Shoe Stores
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of men's, women's, and children's footwear, including athletic footwear. These establishments frequently carry accessory lines, such as hosiery, gloves, and handbags.

Athletic shoe stores—retailShoe stores—retail
Footwear stores—retail
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5661Shoe Stores19,843
566100Shoe stores9,106
56610000Shoe stores9,106
566101Custom and orthopedic shoes2,757
56610100Custom and orthopedic shoes100
56610101Shoes, custom146
56610102Shoes, orthopedic2,511
566199Shoe stores, nec7,980
56619901Children's shoes350
56619902Footwear, athletic3,988
56619903Men's boots295
56619904Men's shoes1,992
56619905Women's boots33
56619906Women's shoes1,322