Industry: 5261—Retail Nurseries, Lawn and Garden Supply Stores
Establishments primarily engaged in selling trees, shrubs, other plants, seeds, bulbs, mulches, soil conditioners, fertilizers, pesticides, garden tools, and other garden supplies to the general public. These establishments primarily sell products purchased from others, but may sell some plants which they grow themselves. Establishments primarily engaged in growing trees (except Christmas trees), shrubs, other plants, seeds, and bulbs are classified in Agriculture, Major Group 01 and those growing Christmas trees are classified in Industry 0811.

Christmas trees (natural)—retailPower mowers—retail
Garden supplies and tools—retailSod—retail
Lawnmowers—retailSoil, top—retail
Nursery stock, seeds and bulbs—retail
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5261Retail Nurseries and Garden Stores16,767
526100Retail nurseries and garden stores3,620
52610000Retail nurseries and garden stores3,620
526101Lawn and garden equipment3,745
52610100Lawn and garden equipment1,343
52610101Garden tractors and tillers114
52610102Hydroponic equipment and supplies113
52610103Lawnmowers and tractors2,175
526102Lawn and garden supplies4,242
52610200Lawn and garden supplies989
52610202Fountains, outdoor99
52610203Garden supplies and tools, nec920
52610205Top soil225
52610206Lawn ornaments75
526103Retail nurseries5,160
52610300Retail nurseries2,860
52610301Christmas trees (natural)236
52610302Nursery stock, seeds and bulbs2,064