Industry: 5211—Lumber and Other Building Materials Dealers
Establishments engaged in selling primarily lumber, or lumber and a general line of building materials, to the general public. While these establishments may sell primarily to construction contractors, they are known as retail in the trade. The lumber which they sell may include rough and dressed lumber, flooring, molding, doors, sashes, frames, and other millwork. The building materials may include roofing, siding, shingles, wallboard, paint, brick, tile, cement, sand, gravel, and other building materials and supplies. Hardware is often an important line sold by retail lumber and building materials dealers. Establishments which do not sell to the general public and those which are known in the trade as wholesale are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry Group 503.

Brick and tile dealers—retailLime and plaster dealers—retail
Building materials dealers—retailLumber and building materials dealers—retail
Buildings, prefabricated—retailLumber and planing mill product dealers—retail
Cabinets, kitchen: to be installed—retailMillwork and lumber dealers—retail
Concrete and cinder block dealers—retailPaneling—retail
Doors—retailRoofing material dealers—retail
Fencing dealers—retailSand and gravel dealers—retail
Flooring, wood—retailStorm windows and sash, wood or metal—retail
Garage doors—retailStructural clay products—retail
Insulation material, building—retailWallboard (composition) dealers—retail
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5211Lumber and Other Building Materials41,159
521100Lumber and other building materials8,644
52110000Lumber and other building materials8,644
521101Lumber products6,732
52110100Lumber products2,324
52110101Flooring, wood477
52110102Millwork and lumber867
52110104Planing mill products and lumber1,899
52110106Wallboard (composition) and paneling31
521102Door and window products7,317
52110200Door and window products3,624
52110201Doors, storm: wood or metal319
52110202Doors, wood or metal, except storm230
52110203Garage doors, sale and installation2,331
52110205Sash, wood or metal16
52110206Screens, door and window393
52110207Windows, storm: wood or metal397
521103Insulation and energy conservation products1,166
52110300Insulation and energy conservation products128
52110301Energy conservation products435
52110302Insulation material, building144
52110303Solar heating equipment459
521104Prefabricated buildings946
52110400Prefabricated buildings423
52110401Greenhouse kits, prefabricated31
52110402Modular homes492
521105Masonry materials and supplies4,142
52110500Masonry materials and supplies927
52110503Concrete and cinder block399
52110504Lime and plaster33
52110505Paving stones118
52110506Sand and gravel727
52110507Tile, ceramic849
521199Lumber and other building materials, nec12,212
52119901Bathroom fixtures, equipment and supplies590
52119902Cabinets, kitchen1,425
52119903Closets, interiors and accessories313
52119904Counter tops795
52119905Eavestroughing parts and supplies5
52119906Electrical construction materials282
52119908Home centers5,201
52119909Roofing material368
52119910Structural clay products19