Industry: 5172—Petroleum and Petroleum Products Wholesalers, Except Bulk Stations and Terminals
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of petroleum and petroleum products, except those with bulk liquid storage facilities. Included are packaged and bottled petroleum products distributors, truck jobbers, and others marketing petroleum and its products at wholesale, but without bulk liquid storage facilities.

Butane gas, except bulk stations and terminals—wholesaleGasoline: buying in bulk and selling to farmers—wholesale
Crude oil, except bulk stations and terminals—wholesaleKerosene—wholesale
Fuel oil, except bulk stations and terminals—wholesaleLubricating oils and greases—wholesale
Fueling services, aircraft—wholesaleNaphtha, except bulk stations and terminals—wholesale
Gases, liquefied petroleum: except bulk stations and terminals—wholesalePetroleum and its products, except bulk stations and terminals—wholesale
Gasoline, except bulk stations and terminals—wholesalePetroleum brokers—wholesale
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5172Petroleum Products, Nec11,346
517200Petroleum product wholesalers,except bulk stations/terminals5,376
51720000Petroleum product wholesalers,except bulk stations/terminals5,376
51720101Butane gas19
51720102Gases, liquefied petroleum (propane)655
517202Engine fuels and oils2,716
51720200Engine fuels and oils297
51720201Aircraft fueling services230
51720202Diesel fuel303
51720204Lubricating oils and greases884
51720205Service station supplies, petroleum178
517299Petroleum products, nec, nec2,251
51729901Crude oil1,341
51729902Fuel oil595
51729905Petroleum brokers286