SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5159—Farm-Product Raw Materials, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in buying and/or marketing farm products, not elsewhere classified. Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of milk are classified in Industry 5143, and those distributing live poultry are classified in Industry 5144.

Animal hair—wholesaleMoss—wholesale
Broomcorn—wholesaleNuts, unprocessed or shelled only—wholesale
Buyers of raw farm products, except grain, field beans, and livestock—wholesaleOil kernels—wholesale
Chicks—wholesaleOil nuts—wholesale
Cotton merchants, not members of exchanges—wholesaleOilseeds—wholesale
Cotton, raw—wholesalePeanuts, bulk: unprocessed or shelled only—wholesale
Country buyers of cotton or cotton lintersPecan—wholesale
Dealers in raw farm products, except grain, field beans, and livestock—wholesalePelts—wholesale
Dried beet pulp—wholesaleSemen, bovine—wholesale
Feathers—wholesaleSilk, raw—wholesale
Fibers, vegetable—wholesaleSkins, raw—wholesale
Furs, raw—wholesaleSugar, raw—wholesale
Hides (may include curing)—wholesaleTobacco auctioning and warehousing—wholesale
Hops—wholesaleTobacco, leaf (including exporters)—wholesale
Horses—wholesaleWool tops and noils—wholesale
Merchants of raw farm products, except grain, field beans, and livestock—wholesaleWool, raw—wholesale
Mohair, raw—wholesale
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5159Farm-product Raw Materials, Nec5,052
515900Farm-product raw materials, nec248
51590000Farm-product raw materials, nec248
515901Cotton merchants and products175
51590100Cotton merchants and products104
51590101Cotton merchants34
51590102Cotton or cotton linters, country buyers6
51590103Cotton, raw31
515902Farm animals2,455
51590200Farm animals432
515903Feathers, hides, and pelts400
51590300Feathers, hides, and pelts7
51590302Furs, raw42
51590305Skins, raw20
515904Wool and silk41
51590400Wool and silk12
51590401Mohair, raw6
51590402Silk, raw3
51590403Wool tops2
51590404Wool, raw18
515905Nuts and nut by-products283
51590500Nuts and nut by-products73
51590501Nuts, unprocessed or shelled only32
51590502Oil nuts, kernels, seeds32
51590503Peanuts (bulk), unroasted114
51590504Pecan shellers32
515906Tobacco distributors and products851
51590600Tobacco distributors and products802
51590601Tobacco auctioning and warehousing17
51590602Tobacco, leaf32
515999Farm-product raw materials, nec, nec599
51599903Dried beet pulp2
51599904Fibers, vegetable15
51599908Semen, bovine19
51599909Sugar, raw12
51599910Corn husks6