SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5146—Fish and Seafoods
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution (but not packaging) of fresh, cured, or frozen fish and seafoods, except canned or packaged frozen. The preparation of fresh or frozen packaged fish and other seafood, and the shucking and packing of fresh oysters in nonsealed containers, are classified in Manufacturing, Industry 2092. Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of canned seafood are classified in Industry 5149, and those distributing packaged frozen foods are classified in Industry 5142.

Fish fresh—wholesaleFish, cured—wholesale
Fish frozen except packaged—wholesaleSeafoods, not canned or frozen packaged—wholesale
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5146Fish and Seafoods5,993
514600Fish and seafoods1,067
51460000Fish and seafoods1,067
514699Fish and seafoods, nec4,926
51469901Fish, cured29
51469902Fish, fresh330
51469903Fish, frozen, unpackaged74