Industry: 5136—Men's and Boy's Clothing and Furnishings
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of men's and boys'apparel and furnishings, sportswear, hosiery, underwear, nightwear, and work clothing.

Apparel belts, men's and boys'—wholesaleOuterwear, men's and boys'—wholesale
Beachwear, men's and boys'—wholesaleOvercoats, men's and boys'—wholesale
Caps, men's and boys'—wholesaleRaincoats, men's and boys'—wholesale
Clothing, men's and boys'—wholesaleRobes, men's and boys'—wholesale
Coats, men's and boys'—wholesaleScarves, men's and boys'—wholesale
Furnishings, except shoes: men's and boys'—wholesaleShirts, men's and boys'—wholesale
Gloves (all materials), men's and boys'—wholesaleSportswear, men's and boys'—wholesale
Handkerchiefs, men's and boys'—wholesaleSuits, men's and boys'—wholesale
Hats, men's and boys'—wholesaleTies, men's and boys'—wholesale
Hosiery, men's and boys'—wholesaleTrousers, men's and boys'—wholesale
Leather and sheep-lined clothing, men's and boys'—wholesaleUmbrellas, men's and boys'—wholesale
Mittens, men's and boys'—wholesaleUnderwear, men's and boys'—wholesale
Mufflers, men's and boys'—wholesaleUniforms, men's and boys'—wholesale
Neckwear, men's and boys'—wholesaleWaterproof outer garments, men's and boys'—wholesale
Nightwear, men's and boys'—wholesaleWork clothing, men's and boys'—wholesale
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5136Men's and Boy's Clothing4,255
513600Men's and boy's clothing2,106
51360000Men's and boy's clothing2,106
513601Men's and boys' hats, scarves, and gloves280
51360100Men's and boys' hats, scarves, and gloves34
51360101Caps, men's and boys'65
51360102Gloves, men's and boys'97
51360103Hats, men's and boys'77
51360104Mittens, men's and boys'1
51360105Mufflers, men's and boys'2
51360106Scarves, men's and boys'4
513602Men's and boys' robes, nightwear, and undergarments63
51360200Men's and boys' robes, nightwear, and undergarments17
51360201Nightwear, men's and boys'3
51360202Robes, men's and boys'4
51360203Underwear, men's and boys'39
513603Men's and boys' outerwear99
51360300Men's and boys' outerwear48
51360301Coats, men's and boys'14
51360302Leather and sheep lined clothing, men's and boys'30
51360303Fur clothing, men's and boys'7
513604Men's and boys' furnishings247
51360400Men's and boys' furnishings24
51360401Apparel belts, men's and boys'126
51360402Handkerchiefs, men's and boys'1
51360403Hosiery, men's and boys'45
51360404Neckwear, men's and boys'26
51360405Umbrellas, men's and boys'25
513605Men's and boys' suits and trousers59
51360500Men's and boys' suits and trousers31
51360501Suits, men's and boys'16
51360502Trousers, men's and boys'12
513606Men's and boys' sportswear and work clothing1,145
51360600Men's and boys' sportswear and work clothing142
51360601Beachwear, men's and boys'20
51360602Sportswear, men's and boys'707
51360603Uniforms, men's and boys'193
51360604Work clothing, men's and boys'83
513699Men's and boy's clothing, nec256
51369901Shirts, men's and boys'230
51369902Sweaters, men's and boys'26