Industry: 5131—Piece Goods, Notions, and Other Dry Good
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of piece goods or yard goods of natural or manmade fibers, notions (sewing and hair accessories, etc.), and other dry goods. Converters who buy fabric goods (except knit goods) in the grey, have them finished on contract, and sell at wholesale are included here. Converters of knit goods are classified in Manufacturing, Industry Group 225. This industry does not include establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of home furnishings which are classified in Industry 5023.

Belt and buckle assembly kits—wholesaleNotions—wholesale
Binding, textile—wholesaleNylon piece goods—wholesale
Broadwoven fabrics—wholesalePiece goods—wholesale
Buttons—wholesaleRayon piece goods—wholesale
Cheesecloth—wholesaleRibbon, textile—wholesale
Circular knit fabrics—wholesaleSewing accessories—wholesale
Coated fabrics—wholesaleSewing thread, except industrial—wholesale
Cotton piece goods—wholesaleShoulder pads—wholesale
Drapery material—wholesaleSilk piece goods—wholesale
Fiberglass fabrics—wholesaleTape, textile—wholesale
Hair accessories—wholesaleTextile converters except knit goods—wholesale
Hat and cap material—wholesaleTextiles—wholesale
Jute piece goods—wholesaleThread, except industrial—wholesale
Knit fabrics—wholesaleTrimmings, apparel—wholesale
Lace fabrics—wholesaleWarp knit fabrics—wholesale
Linen piece goods—wholesaleWeft knit fabrics—wholesale
Millinery supplies—wholesaleWoolen and worsted piece goods—wholesale
Narrow fabrics—wholesaleYard goods—wholesale
Net goods—wholesaleZippers—wholesale
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5131Piece Goods and Notions5,136
513100Piece goods and notions546
51310000Piece goods and notions546
513101Piece goods and other fabrics1,761
51310100Piece goods and other fabrics462
51310101Broadwoven fabrics48
51310103Circular knit fabrics3
51310104Coated fabrics21
51310105Cotton goods75
51310106Drapery material, woven62
51310107Fiberglass fabrics50
51310108Jute piece goods4
51310109Knit fabrics57
51310110Lace fabrics37
51310111Linen piece goods, woven48
51310112Narrow fabrics10
51310113Nylon piece goods, woven9
51310114Plastic piece goods, woven6
51310115Rayon fabrics4
51310116Silk piece goods, woven35
51310117Synthetic fabrics, nec33
51310118Textiles, woven, nec519
51310119Upholstery fabrics, woven221
51310120Woolen and worsted piece goods, woven24
51310121Yard goods, woven31
513102Sewing supplies and notions2,631
51310200Sewing supplies and notions293
51310201Binding, textile15
51310202Bindings, bias and straight5
51310204Hair accessories185
51310206Millinery supplies6
51310207Net goods12
51310208Notions, nec40
51310210Sewing accessories43
51310211Shoulder pads2
51310212Tape, textile16
51310213Textile converters144
51310215Trimmings, apparel128
513199Piece goods and notions, nec198
51319901Belt and buckle assembly kits17
51319902Bridal supplies78
51319903Flags and banners103