Industry: 5113—Industrial and Personal Service Paper
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of wrapping and other coarse paper, paperboard, and converted paper and related disposable plastics products, such as bags, boxes, dishes, eating utensils, napkins, and shipping supplies.

Bags, paper and disposable plastics—wholesaleNapkins, paper—wholesale
Boxes, paperboard and disposable plastics—wholesalePaper and products, wrapping or coarse—wholesale
Cardboard and products—wholesalePaper, except printing or writing and office supplies—wholesale
Closures, paper and disposable plastics—wholesalePaperboard and products, except office supplies—wholesale
Containers, paper and disposable plastics—wholesalePatterns, paper—wholesale
Corrugated and solid fiber boxes—wholesalePressed and molded pulp goods—wholesale
Cups, paper and disposable plastics—wholesalePressure sensitive tape—wholesale
Dishes, paper and disposable plastics—wholesaleSanitary food containers paper, paperboard, and disposable
Eating utensils forks, knives, spoons—disposable plastics—wholesaleSetup paperboard boxes—wholesale
Fiber cans and drums—wholesaleShipping supplies, paper and disposable plastics (e g, cartons, gummed tapes)—wholesale
Folding paperboard boxes—wholesaleTowels, paper—wholesale
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5113Industrial and Personal Service Paper4,830
511300Industrial and personal service paper1,268
51130000Industrial and personal service paper1,268
511301Shipping supplies522
51130100Shipping supplies503
51130101Paper tubes and cores19
511302Disposable plates, cups, napkins, and eating utensils294
51130200Disposable plates, cups, napkins, and eating utensils128
51130201Cups, disposable plastic and paper66
51130202Dishes, disposable plastic and paper14
51130203Eating utensils, disposable plastic13
51130204Napkins, paper43
51130205Towels, paper30
511303Boxes and containers2,060
51130300Boxes and containers1,051
51130301Bags, paper and disposable plastic335
51130302Boxes, paperboard and disposable plastic51
51130303Containers, paper and disposable plastic77
51130304Corrugated and solid fiber boxes494
51130305Fiber cans and drums4
51130306Folding paperboard boxes14
51130307Sanitary food containers30
51130308Setup paperboard boxes4
511399Industrial and personal service paper, nec686
51139901Cardboard and products38
51139902Closures, paper and disposable plastic14
51139903Paper, wrapping or coarse, and products430
51139904Paperboard and products78
51139905Patterns, paper45
51139906Pressed and molded pulp goods3
51139907Pressure sensitive tape78