Industry: 4959—Sanitary Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing sanitary services, not elsewhere classified.

Beach maintenance cleaningSnowplowing
Malaria controlSweeping service road, airport, parking lot, etc.
Mosquito eradicationVacuuming of airport runways
Oil spill cleanup
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
4959Sanitary Services, Nec5,330
495900Sanitary services, nec1,215
49590000Sanitary services, nec1,215
495901Road, airport, and parking lot maintenance services2,750
49590100Road, airport, and parking lot maintenance services232
49590102Sweeping service: road, airport, parking lot, etc.593
49590103Vacuuming of airport runways2
495902Disease control30
49590200Disease control28
49590201Malaria control2
495903Toxic or hazardous waste cleanup1,221
49590300Toxic or hazardous waste cleanup212
49590301Oil spill cleanup103
49590302Environmental cleanup services906
495999Sanitary services, nec, nec114
49599901Beach maintenance cleaning34
49599902Mosquito eradication80