SIC Industry Description

Industry: 4953—Refuse Systems
Establishments primarily engaged in the collection and disposal of refuse by processing or destruction or in the operation of incinerators, waste treatment plants, landfills, or other sites for disposal of such materials. Establishments primarily engaged in collecting and transporting refuse without such disposal are classified in Transportation, Industry 4212.

Acid waste, collection and disposal ofRadioactive waste materials, disposal of
Ashes, collection and disposal ofRefuse systems
Dumps, operation ofRubbish collection and disposal
Garbage: collecting, destroying, and processingSludge disposal sites
Hazardous waste material disposal sitesStreet refuse systems
Incinerator operationWaste materials disposal at sea
Landfill, sanitary: operation of
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
4953Refuse Systems26,979
495300Refuse systems4,010
49530000Refuse systems4,010
495301Hazardous waste collection and disposal655
49530100Hazardous waste collection and disposal578
49530101Acid waste, collection and disposal18
49530102Chemical detoxification24
49530103Radioactive waste materials, disposal35
495302Refuse collection and disposal services7,837
49530200Refuse collection and disposal services2,895
49530201Garbage: collecting, destroying, and processing2,285
49530202Liquid waste, collection and disposal274
49530203Rubbish collection and disposal2,314
49530204Street refuse systems69
495303Nonhazardous waste disposal sites1,546
49530300Nonhazardous waste disposal sites214
49530301Dumps, operation of83
49530302Sanitary landfill operation1,231
49530303Sludge disposal sites18
495399Refuse systems, nec12,931
49539901Ashes, collection and disposal28
49539902Dead animal disposal27
49539903Incinerator operation37
49539904Medical waste disposal323
49539905Recycling, waste materials12,143
49539906Waste materials, disposal at sea49
49539907Sewage treatment facility324