Industry: 4925—Mixed, Manufactured, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas Production and/or
Establishments engaged in the manufacture and/or distribution of gas for sale, including mixtures of manufactured with natural gas. Establishments distributing liquefied petroleum (LP) gas in steel containers are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5984.

Blue gas, carbureted: production and distributionLiquefied petroleum (LP) gas, distribution through mains
Coke oven gas, production and distributionManufactured gas production and distribution
Coke ovens, by-product: operated for manufacture or distribution ofSynthetic natural gas from naphtha, production and distribution
Gas, mixed natural and manufactured: production and distribution
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
4925Gas Production and/or Distribution639
492500Gas production and/or distribution497
49250000Gas production and/or distribution497
492501Mixed natural and manufactured gas, except petroleum103
49250100Mixed natural and manufactured gas, except petroleum17
49250101Blue gas, carbureted: production and distribution1
49250102Coke oven gas, production and distribution0
49250103Coke ovens, byproduct: manufacturing or distribution of gas7
49250104Gas: mixed, natural and manufactured36
49250105Manufactured gas, production and distribution27
49250106Mixed natural and manufactured gas, distribution8
49250107Synthetic natural gas from naphtha7
492599Gas production and/or distribution, nec39
49259901Liquefied petroleum gas, distribution through mains39