SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3999—Manufacturing Industries, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing miscellaneous fabricated products, including beauty shop and barber shop equipment; hair work; tobacco pipes and cigarette holders; coin-operated amusement machines; matches; candles; lamp shades; feathers; artificial trees and flowers made from all materials, except glass; dressed and dyed furs; umbrellas, parasols, and canes; and other articles, not elsewhere classified.

Advertising curtainsHairpin mountings
Amusement machines. coin-operated: except coin-operatedHat blocks and display forms
Artificial and preserved flowers, foliage, fruits, and vines: except glassHoneycomb foundations (beekeepers' supplies)
Artificial flower arrangementsHosiery kits, sewing and mending
Atomizers, other than medicalIdentification plates
Badges for policemen and firemen—metalIdentification tags, except paper
Barber shop equipmentLamp shade frames
Barbers' clippers, hand and electricLamp shades: except metal and glass
Beach umbrellasLighters, cigar and cigarette: except precious metal and electric
Beaded noveltiesMannikins and display forms
Beads, unassembledMarionettes (puppets)
Beauty shop equipmentMassage machines, electric: designed for beauty and barber shops
Beekeeping supplies, except woodMatches and match books
Bone noveltiesMilitary insignia, except textile
Book matchesModels, except toy and hobby
Boutiquing: for the trade (decorating gift items)Mosaics: ivory, shell, horn, and bone
Bric-a-bracMountings, comb and hairpin: except precious metal
Bristles, dressing ofMusic boxes
Burnt wood articlesMusical chests
Buttons: Red Cross, union, and identificationNovelties: bone, beaded, and shell
Calendars, framedPads, permanent waving
CandlesPainting instrument dials, for the trade
Canes and cane trimmings, except precious metalParasols and frames: handles, parts, and trimmings—except precious
Chairs, hydraulic: barber and beauty shopPelts: scraping, currying, tanning, bleaching, and dyeing
Christmas tree ornaments, except electrical and glassPermanent wave equipment and machines
Christmas trees, artificialPicture plaques, laminated
Cigar and cigarette holdersPipes, pipe stems, and bib: tobacco—except hard rubber
Cigarette filters, not made in chemical plantsPlaques, picture: laminated
Cigarette lighter flintsPlumes, feather
Cleaners, pipe and cigarette holderPreparation of slides and exhibits, for classroom use
Combs, except hard rubberPrinting eyeglass frames for the trade
Curlers, hair: designed for beauty parlorsPuppets
Curls, artificial (hair)Scenery for theaters, opera houses halls, and schools
Decalcomania work, except on china or glass: for the tradeSewing kits, novelty: other than sewing cases and cabinets
Desk pads, except paperShades, lamp and candle: except glass and metal
Doll wigsShell novelties
Down (feathers)Shoe patterns
Dressing of furs: bleaching, blending, currying, scraping, and tanningSlot machines
Driers, hair: designed for beauty parlorsSmokers, bee (beekeepers' supplies)
Dusters, featherSoap dispensers
Embroidery kitsSponges, bleaching and dyeing of
Feathers: curling, dyeing, and renovating for the tradeStage hardware and equipment, except lighting equipment
Figures, wax: mannikinsStereographs, photographic
Fingerprint equipment, except cameras and optical equipmentSterilizers, beauty and barber shop
Fire extinguishers, portableStraw goods
Flocking metal products for the tradeStringing beads for the trade
Fly swattersTape measures
Forms: display, dress, and show except shoe display formsTear gas devices and equipment
Frames and handles, handbag and luggage: except precious metalTinsel
Fruits, artificial, except glassTransformations, hair
Fur strippingTreating clock and watch dials with luminous material
Furniture, beauty shop and barber shopTrees, Christmas, artificial
Furs, dressed: bleached, curried, scraped, tanned, and dyedTrimmings, feather
Games, coin-operated: pinball and otherUmbrellas and parts, except precious metal
GlassUmbrellas: beach, garden, and wagon
Globes, geographicalVeils made of hair
Gold stamping for the trade, except booksVibrators, electric: designed for beauty and barber shops
Grenades, hand (fire extinguishers)Walnut shell flour
Grinding purchased nut shellsWigs, including doll wigs, toupees, or wiglets, except custom made
Hair clippers for human use, hand and electricWind chimes
Hair goods: braids, nets, switches, toupees, and wigsWool pulling
Hair, dressing of, for the tradeWreaths, artificial
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3999Manufacturing Industries, Nec32,068
399900Manufacturing industries, nec19,884
39990000Manufacturing industries, nec19,884
399901Barber and beauty shop equipment1,420
39990100Barber and beauty shop equipment1,078
39990101Chairs, hydraulic, barber and beauty shop43
39990102Furniture, barber and beauty shop13
39990103Hair clippers for human use, hand and electric16
39990104Hair curlers, designed for beauty parlors72
39990105Hair driers, designed for beauty parlors14
39990106Hair, dressing of, for the trade97
39990107Massage machines, electric: barber and beauty shops45
39990108Permanent wave equipment and machines10
39990109Sterilizers, barber and beauty shop26
39990110Vibrators, electric: designed for barber and beauty shops6
399902Hair and hair-based products921
39990200Hair and hair-based products708
39990201Comb mountings0
39990202Combs, except hard rubber11
39990203Doll wigs (hair)9
39990204Hair nets3
39990205Hairpin mountings3
39990206Pads, permanent waving1
39990207Wigs, including doll wigs, toupees, or wiglets53
39990208Eyelashes, artificial108
399903Feathers and feather products21
39990300Feathers and feather products9
39990301Curling feathers3
39990302Down (feathers)3
39990303Dusters, feather0
39990304Feathers, dyeing, except ostrich0
39990305Feathers, ostrich, curling and dyeing2
39990306Feathers, renovating2
39990307Trimmings, feather2
39990401Fur stripping1
39990402Furs, dressed: bleached, curried, scraped, tanned, or dyed16
39990403Pelts: scraping, currying, tanning, bleaching, and dyeing3
399905Cigarette and cigar products and accessories911
39990500Cigarette and cigar products and accessories131
39990501Cigar and cigarette holders8
39990502Cigar lighters, except precious metal1
39990503Cigarette filters6
39990504Cigarette lighter flints2
39990505Cigarette lighters, except precious metal5
39990506Cleaners, pipe and cigarette holder3
39990507Matches and match books6
39990508Pipe cleaners12
39990509Tobacco pipes, pipestems, and bits22
399906Umbrellas, canes, and parts55
39990600Umbrellas, canes, and parts25
39990601Canes and cane trimmings, except precious metal7
39990602Parasols and frames: handles, parts, and trimmings5
39990603Umbrellas, garden or wagon18
399907Artificial trees and flowers672
39990700Artificial trees and flowers54
39990701Artificial flower arrangements68
39990702Christmas trees, artificial20
39990703Flowers, artificial and preserved63
39990704Foliage, artificial and preserved4
39990705Fruits, artificial and preserved6
39990706Grasses, artificial and preserved41
39990707Plants, artificial and preserved42
39990708Sprays, artificial and preserved25
39990709Wreaths, artificial349
399908Novelties, bric-a-brac, and hobby kits737
39990800Novelties, bric-a-brac, and hobby kits165
39990801Beads, unassembled25
39990802Boutiquing: decorating gift items with sequins, fruit, etc.61
39990804Burnt wood articles5
39990805Calendars, framed5
39990806Christmas tree ornaments, except electrical and glass47
39990807Coins and tokens, non-currency19
39990808Embroidery kits59
39990810Mosaics: ivory, shell, horn, or bone1
39990811Music boxes23
39990812Novelties: bone, beaded, or shell21
39990813Puppets and marionettes86
39990814Sewing kits, novelty12
39990815Straw goods11
39990816Stringing beads29
39990818Wind chimes25
39990819Lawn ornaments31
399909Beekeepers' supplies65
39990900Beekeepers' supplies36
39990901Honeycomb foundations (beekeepers' supplies)23
39990902Smokers, bee (beekeepers' supplies)6
399910Coin-operated amusement machines126
39991000Coin-operated amusement machines91
39991001Slot machines35
399911Models, except toy204
39991100Models, except toy46
39991101Airplane models, except toy32
39991102Boat models, except toy13
39991103Models, general, except toy98
39991104Railroad models, except toy15
399912Identification badges and insignia177
39991200Identification badges and insignia58
39991201Badges, metal: policemen, firemen, etc.33
39991202Buttons: Red Cross, union, identification13
39991203Identification plates14
39991204Identification tags, except paper44
39991205Military insignia15
399913Advertising display products211
39991300Advertising display products152
39991301Advertising curtains17
39991302Forms: display, dress, and show14
399914Handbag and luggage frames and handles18
39991400Handbag and luggage frames and handles5
39991401Handbag and pocketbook frames1
39991402Handles, handbag and luggage12
39991403Luggage frames0
399999Manufacturing industries, nec, nec6,475
39999901Atomizers, toiletry379
39999902Bleaching and dyeing of sponges6
39999903Blocks, hat2
39999904Bristles, dressing of3
39999906Carpet tackles4
39999907Decalcomania work, except on china and glass5
39999908Desk pads, except paper3
39999909Dock equipment and supplies, industrial60
39999910Education aids, devices and supplies250
39999911Figures, wax10
39999912Fingerprint equipment18
39999913Fire extinguishers, portable85
39999914Flocking metal products12
39999916Globes, geographical17
39999917Gold stamping, except books3
39999918Grenades, hand (fire extinguishers)9
39999919Hosiery kits, sewing and mending12
39999920Hot tub and spa covers30
39999921Hot tubs81
39999922Hydroponic equipment31
39999923Lamp shade frames5
39999924Magic equipment, supplies, and props51
39999925Nut shells, grinding, from purchased nuts9
39999926Painting instrument dials7
39999927Pet supplies800
39999928Plaques, picture, laminated54
39999930Preparation of slides and exhibits49
39999931Printing eyeglass frames0
39999932Self-defense sprays14
39999933Shades, lamp or candle34
39999934Shoe patterns0
39999935Soap dispensers19
39999936Stage hardware and equipment, except lighting81
39999937Stereographs, photographic3
39999938Tape measures8
39999939Tear gas devices and equipment2
39999940Theatrical scenery46
39999941Treating clock and watch dials with luminous material0
39999943Window squegees7
39999944Wool pulling2
39999945Wheelchair lifts71
39999946Fingernails, artificial114
39999947Grinding and pulverizing of materials, nec97
39999948Heating pads, nonelectric13
39999949Seeds, coated or treated, from purchased seeds25
39999950Framed artwork251