SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3996—Linoleum, Asphalted-Felt-Base, and Other Hard Surface Floor Coverings, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing linoleum, asphalted-felt-base, and other hard surface floor coverings, not elsewhere classified. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rubber floor coverings are classified in Industry 3069, and those manufacturing cork floor and wall tile are classified in Industry 2499.

Carpets, asphalted-felt-base (linoleum)Linoleum
Floor coverings, asphalted-felt-base (linoleum)Tile, floor: supported plastics
Hard surfaced floor coverings, except rubber and cork
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3996Hard Surface Floor Coverings, Nec140
399600Hard surface floor coverings, nec98
39960000Hard surface floor coverings, nec98
399699Hard surface floor coverings, nec, nec42
39969901Asphalted-felt-base floor coverings: linoleum, carpet22
39969902Tile, floor: supported plastic20