SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3993—Signs and Advertising Specialties
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electrical, mechanical, cutout, or plate signs and advertising displays, including neon signs, and advertising specialties. Sign painting shops doing business on a custom basis are classified in Services, Industry 7389. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric signal equipment are classified in Industry 3669, and those manufacturing commercial lighting fixtures are classified in Industry 3646.

Advertising displays, except printedLetters for signs, metal
Advertising specialties—mfpmName plates, metal: except e.g., engraved, etched, chased
Cutouts and displays, window and lobbyNeon signs
Displays, paint processScoreboards, electric
Electrical signs and advertising displaysSigns, not made in custom sign painting shops
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3993Signs and Advertising Specialties21,671
399300Signs and advertising specialties16,340
39930000Signs and advertising specialties16,340
399301Electric signs2,215
39930100Electric signs1,663
39930101Neon signs521
39930102Scoreboards, electric31
399399Signs and advertising specialties, nec3,116
39939901Advertising artwork181
39939902Advertising novelties154
39939903Displays and cutouts, window and lobby169
39939904Displays, paint process23
39939905Letters for signs, metal92
39939906Name plates: except engraved, etched, etc.: metal46
39939907Signs, not made in custom sign painting shops2,451