Industry: 3991—Brooms and Brushes
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household, industrial, and street sweeping brooms; and brushes, such as paintbrushes, toothbrushes, toilet brushes, and household and industrial brushes.

Artists' brushes, handPush brooms
Brooms, hand and machine: bamboo, wire, fiber, splint, or otherShaving brushes
Brushes for vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, and other rotaryStreet sweeping brooms, hand and machine
Brushes, household and industrialToilet brushes
Hair pencils (artists' brushes)Toothbrushes, except electric
Paint rollersVarnish brushes
PaintbrushesWhisk brooms
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3991Brooms and Brushes285
399100Brooms and brushes66
39910000Brooms and brushes66
39910101Push brooms4
39910102Street sweeping brooms, hand or machine37
39910103Whisk brooms2
399102Paint and varnish brushes39
39910200Paint and varnish brushes7
39910201Paint rollers15
399103Brushes, except paint and varnish116
39910300Brushes, except paint and varnish8
39910301Brushes for vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, etc.9
39910302Brushes, household or industrial74
39910303Hair pencils (artists' brushes)2
39910304Shaving brushes3
39910306Toothbrushes, except electric19