SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3955—Carbon Paper and Inked Ribbons
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing carbon paper; spirit or gelatin process and other stencil paper; and inked or carbon ribbons for business machines.

Carbon paperStencil paper for typewriters
Ribbons, inked: e.g., typewriter, adding machine, cash registerStencil paper, gelatin or spirit process
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3955Carbon Paper and Inked Ribbons286
395500Carbon paper and inked ribbons9
39550000Carbon paper and inked ribbons9
395501Carbon and stencil paper8
39550100Carbon and stencil paper0
39550101Carbon paper, for typewriters, sales books, etc.7
39550102Stencil paper, for typewriters0
39550103Stencil paper, gelatin or spirit process1
395599Carbon paper and inked ribbons, nec269
39559901Ribbons, inked: typewriter, adding machine, register, etc.28
39559902Print cartridges for laser and other computer printers241