SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3953—Marking Devices
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rubber and metal hand-stamps, dies, and seals; steel letters and figures; and stencils for use in painting or marking. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing felt tip markers are classified in Industry 3951.

Dies, hand sealPaper stencils
Figures (marking devices), metalPrinting dies, rubber
Hand stamps, stencils, and brandsScreens, textile printing
Irons, marking or brandingSeal presses, notary, hand
Letters (marking devices), metalSeals, hand (dies)
Numbering stamps, with rubber type: handStamps, hand: time, date, postmark, cancelling, shoe, and textile marking
Pads, inking and stampingStencils for use in painting and marking: e.g., metal, cardboard
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3953Marking Devices672
395300Marking devices237
39530000Marking devices237
395301Embossing seals and hand stamps268
39530100Embossing seals and hand stamps141
39530101Canceling stamps, hand: rubber or metal11
39530102Date stamps, hand: rubber or metal14
39530103Embossing seals, corporate and official9
39530104Numbering stamps, hand: rubber or metal4
39530105Postmark stamps, hand: rubber or metal9
39530106Seal presses, notary and hand51
39530107Shoe stamps, hand: rubber or metal2
39530108Stationery embossers, personal11
39530109Textile marking stamps, hand: rubber or metal10
39530110Time stamps, hand: rubber or metal6
395399Marking devices, nec167
39539901Figures (marking devices), metal7
39539902Irons, marking or branding33
39539903Letters (marking devices), metal2
39539904Pads, inking and stamping14
39539905Printing dies, rubber or plastic, for marking machines17
39539906Screens, textile printing52
39539907Stencil machines (marking devices)7
39539908Stencils, painting and marking35