SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3952—Lead Pencils, Crayons, and Artists' Materials
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing lead pencils, pencil leads, and crayons; and materials and equipment for artwork, such as air-brushes, drawing tables and boards, palettes, sketch boxes, pantographs, artists'colors and waxes, pyrography goods, drawing inks, and drafting materials. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing mechanical pencils are classified in Industry 3951, and those manufacturing drafting instruments are classified in Industry 3829.

Artists' materials, except drafting instrumentsLettering instruments, artists'
Boards, drawing: artists'Maulsticks, artists'
Boxes, sketching and paintModeling clay
Brushes, air: artists'Paints for burnt wood or leather work, platinum
Burnishers and cushions, gilders'Paints for china painting
Canvas board, artists'Paints, artists'
Canvas, artists': prepared on framesPalettes, artists'
Chalk: e.g., carpenters', blackboard, marking, artists', tailors'Pantographs for drafting
Colors, artists': water and oxide ceramic glassPastels, artists'
Crayons: chalk, gypsum, charcoal, fusains, pastel, and waxPencil holders
Drafting materials, except instrumentsPencil lead: black, indelible, or colored
Drawing tables and boards, artists'Pencils, except mechanical
Easels, artists'Pyrography materials
Enamels, china paintingSizes, artists': gold and bronze
Eraser guides and shieldsSketching boxes, artists'
Frames for artists' canvasesTracing cloth (drafting material)
Frisket paper (artists' material)Walnut oil, artists'
Gold or bronze mixtures, powders paints, and sizes: artists'Water colors, artists'
India inkWax, artists'
Ink, drawing: black and colored
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3952Lead Pencils and Art Goods497
395200Lead pencils and art goods55
39520000Lead pencils and art goods55
395201Artists' materials, except pencils and leads220
39520100Artists' materials, except pencils and leads28
39520101Colors, artists': water and oxide ceramic glass39
39520102Crayons: chalk, gypsum, charcoal, fusains, pastel, wax, etc.12
39520103Frisket paper (artists' material)1
39520104India ink0
39520105Ink, drawing: black and colored11
39520106Maulsticks, artists'0
39520107Mixtures, gold or bronze: artists'4
39520108Modeling clay9
39520109Paints for burnt wood or leather work, platinum2
39520110Paints for china painting7
39520111Paints, except gold and bronze: artists'28
39520112Paints, gold or bronze: artists'18
39520113Pastels, artists'10
39520114Powders, gold or bronze: artists'0
39520115Sizes, gold and bronze: artists'1
39520116Walnut oil, artists'3
39520117Water colors, artists'35
39520118Wax, artists'12
395202Artists' equipment185
39520200Artists' equipment22
39520201Boards, drawing, artists'17
39520202Boxes, sketching and paint1
39520203Brushes, air, artists'39
39520204Burnishers and cushions, gilders'0
39520205Canvas board, artists'19
39520206Canvas, prepared on frames: artists'15
39520207Drafting materials5
39520208Easels, artists'11
39520209Enamels, china painting1
39520210Eraser guides and shields2
39520211Frames for artists' canvases33
39520212Lettering instruments, artists'2
39520213Palettes, artists'9
39520214Pantographs, for drafting1
39520215Pyrography materials0
39520216Sketching boxes, artists'1
39520217Tables, drawing, artists'7
395203Pencils and leads, including artists'19
39520300Pencils and leads, including artists'7
39520301Pencil holders4
39520302Pencil lead: black, indelible, or colored: artists'3
39520303Pencils and pencil parts, artists'5
395299Lead pencils and art goods, nec18
39529901Chalk: carpenters', blackboard, marking, tailors', etc.18
39529902Tracing cloth (drafting material)0