SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3951—Pens, Mechanical Pencils, and Parts
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pens (including ballpoint pens), refill cartridges, mechanical pencils, fine and broad tipped markers, and parts.

Cartridges, refill: for ballpoint pensPen points: gold, steel, or other metal
Fountain pens and fountain pen desk setsPencils and pencil parts, mechanical
Markers, soft tip: e.g., felt, fabric, plasticsPenholders and parts
Meter pensPens and pen parts: fountain, stylographic, and ballpoint
Nibs (pen points): gold, steel, or other metal
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3951Pens and Mechanical Pencils134
395100Pens and mechanical pencils60
39510000Pens and mechanical pencils60
395199Pens and mechanical pencils, nec74
39519901Ball point pens and parts35
39519902Cartridges, refill: ball point pens11
39519903Fountain pens and fountain pen desk sets6
39519904Markers, soft tip (felt, fabric, plastic, etc.)14
39519905Meter pens1
39519906Nibs (pen points): gold, steel, or other metal1
39519907Pencils and pencil parts, mechanical5
39519908Penholders and parts1
39519909Stylographic pens and parts0