SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3949—Sporting and Athletic Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sporting and athletic goods, not elsewhere classified, such as fishing tackle; golf and tennis goods; baseball, football, basketball, and boxing equipment; roller skates and ice skates; gymnasium and playground equipment; billiard and pool tables; and bowling alleys and equipment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing athletic apparel are classified in Major Group 23; those manufacturing athletic footwear are classified in Industries 3021 and 3149; those manufacturing small arms ammunition are classified in Industry 3482; and those manufacturing small arms are classified in Industry 3484.

Ammunition belts, sporting type: of all materialsJogging machines
Archery equipmentLacrosse equipment
Arrows, archeryMallets, sports: e.g., polo, croquet
Athletic and sporting goods: except clothing, footwear, small arms, and ammunitionMasks, sports: e.g., baseball, fencing, hockey
Badminton equipmentNets: e.g., badminton, basketball, tennis—not made in weaving mills
Bait, fishing: artificialPads, athletic: e.g., football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse
Balls: baseball, basketball, football golf, tennis, pool, and bowlingPigeons, clay (targets)
Baseball equipment and supplies, except uniforms and footwearPin-setters for bowling, automatic
Bases, baseballPlayground equipment
Basketballs and basketball equipment and supplies, except uniformsPolo equipment, except apparel and footwear
Baskets, fish and baitPool balls, pockets, tables, and equipment
Bats, game: e.g., baseball, softball, cricketProtectors, sports: e.g., baseball, basketball, hockey
Billiard and pool balls, cues, cue tips and tablesRackets and frames, sports: e.g., tennis, badminton, squash, racketball, lacrosse
Billiard chalkRowing machines
BoomerangsScoops, crab and fish
Bowling alleys and accessoriesScuba diving equipment, except clothing
Bowling pin machines, automaticShafts, golf club
Bowling pinsSinkers (fishing tackle)
Bows, archerySkateboards
Boxing equipmentSkates and parts, ice and roller
Bridges, billiard and poolSkin diving equipment, except clothing
Buckets, fish and baitSkis and skiing equipment, except apparel
Cartridge belts, sporting typeSnowshoes
Cases, gun and rod (sporting equipment)Soccer equipment, except apparel
Creels, fishSpearguns
Cricket equipmentSpears, fishing
Croquet setsSporting goods: except clothing, footwear, small arms, and ammunition
Decoys, duck and other game birdsSquash equipment, except apparel
DumbbellsStand boards
Exercise cyclesSticks, sports: e.g., hockey, lacrosse
Exercising machinesStriking (punching) bags
Fencing equipment (sporting goods)Strings, tennis racket
Fishing tackle (except lines, nets, and seines)Surfboards
Flies, artificial: for fishingSwimming pools, plastics
Floats for fish linesTables: billiard pool, bagatelle, and ping pong
Footballs and football equipment and supplies, except uniforms and footwearTarget shooting equipment, except small arms and ammunition
Game callsTargets, archery and rifle shooting
Gloves, sport and athletic: e.g., boxing, baseball, racketball, handballTargets, clay
Golf carts, handTennis goods: e.g., balls, frames, rackets
Golfing equipment: e.g., caddy cars and bags, clubs, tees, ballsToboggans
Guards: e.g., football, basketball, soccer, lacrosseTrack and field athletic equipment, except apparel and footwear
Gymnasium and playground equipmentTrap racks (clay targets)
Helmets, athleticTreadmills
Hockey equipment, except uniforms and footwearWading pools, plastics coated fabric
Indian clubsWindsurfing boards and equipment
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3949Sporting and athletic Goods, Nec7,834
394900Sporting and athletic goods, nec1,963
39490000Sporting and athletic goods, nec1,963
394901Golf equipment496
39490100Golf equipment302
39490101Bags, golf19
39490102Carts, caddy10
39490103Driving ranges, golf, electronic44
39490104Golf carts, hand2
39490105Shafts, golf club119
394902Fishing equipment1,022
39490200Fishing equipment220
39490201Bait, artificial: fishing51
39490202Baskets (creels), fish and bait2
39490203Buckets, fish and bait9
39490204Fishing tackle, general153
39490205Flies, fishing: artificial21
39490206Hooks, fishing11
39490207Lures, fishing: artificial416
39490208Reels, fishing23
39490209Rods and rod parts, fishing107
39490210Scoops, crab and fish3
39490211Spears and spearguns, fishing6
394903Exercise equipment269
39490300Exercise equipment192
39490301Dumbbells and other weightlifting equipment19
39490302Exercising cycles20
39490303Rowing machines6
394904Winter sports equipment252
39490400Winter sports equipment57
39490402Ice skates, parts and accessories21
39490403Snow skiing equipment and supplies, except skis41
39490404Snow skis28
394905Hunting equipment794
39490500Hunting equipment177
39490501Ammunition belts, sporting type9
39490502Archery equipment, general121
39490503Arrows, archery32
39490504Bows, archery36
39490505Cartridge belts, sporting type4
39490506Cases, gun and rod (sporting equipment)43
39490508Decoys, duck and other game birds45
39490509Game calls119
39490510Pigeons, clay (targets)2
39490511Shooting equipment and supplies, general58
39490512Target shooting equipment57
39490513Targets, archery and rifle shooting59
39490514Trap racks (clay targets)7
394906Water sports equipment701
39490600Water sports equipment129
39490601Skin diving equipment, scuba type55
39490603Swimming pools, plastic33
39490604Wading pools, plastic coated fabric2
39490605Water skiing equipment and supplies, except skis12
39490606Water skis27
39490607Windsurfing boards (sailboards) and equipment19
39490608Swimming pools, except plastic46
394907Protective sporting equipment142
39490700Protective sporting equipment39
39490701Fencing equipment (sporting goods)28
39490702Guards: football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.14
39490703Helmets, athletic41
39490704Masks: hockey, baseball, football, etc.7
39490705Pads: football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.8
39490706Protectors: baseball, basketball, hockey, etc.5
394908Darts and table sports equipment and supplies120
39490800Darts and table sports equipment and supplies11
39490802Billiard and pool equipment and supplies, general83
39490803Billiard chalk2
39490804Bridges, billiard and pool12
39490805Dartboards and accessories4
39490806Ping-pong equipment and supplies, except tables5
39490807Ping-pong tables3
394909Racket sports equipment112
39490900Racket sports equipment18
39490901Badminton equipment and supplies1
39490902Nets: badminton, volleyball, tennis, etc.23
39490903Rackets and frames: tennis, badminton, squash, lacrosse, etc9
39490905Strings, tennis racket10
39490906Tennis equipment and supplies49
394910Bowling equipment and supplies129
39491000Bowling equipment and supplies38
39491001Bowling alleys and accessories73
39491002Bowling pin machines, automatic1
39491003Bowling pins6
39491004Bowling balls11
394911Baseball, softball, and cricket sports equipment144
39491100Baseball, softball, and cricket sports equipment31
39491101Baseball equipment and supplies, general71
39491102Bases, baseball18
39491103Cricket equipment, general5
39491104Mitts and gloves, baseball2
39491105Softball equipment and supplies17
394912Croquet and polo equipment and supplies5
39491200Croquet and polo equipment and supplies1
39491201Croquet sets0
39491202Mallets: polo, croquet, etc.1
39491203Polo equipment and supplies, general3
394913Team sports equipment203
39491300Team sports equipment71
39491301Basketball equipment and supplies, general20
39491302Football equipment and supplies, general18
39491303Hockey equipment and supplies, general37
39491304Lacrosse equipment and supplies, general23
39491305Soccer equipment and supplies34
394999Sporting and athletic goods, nec, nec1,482
39499901Bags, rosin23
39499902Balls: baseball, football, basketball, etc.22
39499904Boxing equipment and supplies, general15
39499905Camping equipment and supplies97
39499906Gloves, sport and athletic: boxing, handball, etc.16
39499907Gymnasium equipment68
39499908Indian clubs8
39499909Playground equipment217
39499910Shuffleboards and shuffleboard equipment5
39499912Skates and parts, roller23
39499913Sticks: hockey, lacrosse, etc.3
39499914Track and field athletic equipment28
39499915Trampolines and equipment27