SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3944—Games, Toys, and Children's Vehicles, Except Dolls and Bicycles
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing games and game sets for adults and children, and mechanical and nonmechanical toys. Important products of this industry include games; toy furniture; doll carriages and carts; construction sets; mechanical trains; toy guns and rifles; baby carriages and strollers; children's tricycles, coaster wagons, play cars, sleds, and other children's outdoor wheel goods and vehicles, except bicycles. Included are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic board games; electronic toys; and electronic game machines, except coin-operated. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dolls and stuffed toys are classified in Industry 3942; those manufacturing bicycles are classified in Industry 3751; those manufacturing sporting and athletic goods for children and adults are classified in Industry 3949; those manufacturing coin-operated game machines are classified in Industry 3999; those manufacturing electronic video game cartridges are classified in Services, Industry 7372; and those manufacturing rubber toys, except dolls, are classified in Industry 3069.

Airplanes, toyKites
Automobiles and trucks, toyMagic lanterns (toys)
Automobiles, children's pedal drivenModels, toy and hobby: e.g., airplane, boat, ship, railroad equipment
Banks, toyMusical instruments, toy
Baskets, toyPaint sets, children's
Bells, toyPistols, toy
Blocks, toyPoker chips
Carriages, babyRifles, toy
Cars, play (children's vehicles)Rocking horses
Craft and hobby kits and setsScience kits: microscopes, chemistry sets, and natural science sets
Cycles, sidewalk: children'sScooters, children's
Darts and dart gamesSleds, children's
Dishes, toyStrollers, baby (vehicles)
Doll carriages and cartsStructural toy sets
Drums, toySulkies, baby (vehicles)
Electronic game machines, except coin-operatedTenders, baby (vehicles)
Electronic toysToys: except dolls, bicycles, rubber toys, and stuffed toys
Engines, miniatureTrains and equipment, toy: electric an mechanical
Erector sets, toyTricycles, children's
Games for children and adults: puzzles, bingo, marbles, poker chips, and chessVehicles except bicycles, children's
Gocarts, children'sVideo game machines, except coin-operated
Guns, toyWagons, children's: coaster, express, and play
Hobby horsesWalkers, baby (vehicles)
Horns, toy
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3944Games, Toys, and Children's Vehicles3,007
394400Games, toys, and children's vehicles694
39440000Games, toys, and children's vehicles694
394401Children's vehicles, except bicycles90
39440100Children's vehicles, except bicycles6
39440101Automobiles, children's, pedal driven6
39440102Cars, play (children's vehicles)12
39440103Cycles, sidewalk: children's2
39440104Doll carriages and carts1
39440105Go-carts, children's8
39440106Scooters, children's15
39440107Sleds, children's3
39440109Wagons: coaster, express, and play: children's13
394402Electronic games and toys267
39440200Electronic games and toys154
39440201Electronic game machines, except coin-operated39
39440202Electronic toys28
39440203Video game machines, except coin-operated46
394403Board games, puzzles, and models, except electronic1,444
39440300Board games, puzzles, and models, except electronic101
39440301Airplane models, toy and hobby48
39440302Automobile and truck models, toy and hobby29
39440303Bingo boards (games)20
39440304Blocks, toy15
39440305Board games, children's and adults'109
39440306Boat and ship models, toy and hobby18
39440307Checkers and checkerboards2
39440308Chessmen and chessboards8
39440309Craft and hobby kits and sets652
39440310Dice and dice cups8
39440312Erector sets, toy5
39440313Poker chips15
39440315Railroad models: toy and hobby25
39440316Science kits: microscopes, chemistry sets, etc.59
39440317Structural toy sets16
394404Toy guns19
39440400Toy guns10
39440401Air rifles, toy7
39440402Pistols, toy1
39440403Rifles, toy: except air1
394405Toy musical instruments6
39440500Toy musical instruments2
39440501Bells, toy4
39440503Horns, toy0
394406Toy trains, airplanes, and automobiles88
39440600Toy trains, airplanes, and automobiles20
39440601Airplanes, toy12
39440602Automobiles and trucks, toy21
39440603Trains and equipment, toy: electric and mechanical35
394407Baby carriages and restraint seats59
39440700Baby carriages and restraint seats16
39440701Carriages, baby14
39440702Child restraint seats, automotive9
39440703Strollers, baby (vehicle)17
39440704Sulkies, baby (vehicle)0
39440705Tenders, baby (vehicle)1
39440706Walkers, baby (vehicle)2
394499Games, toys, and children's vehicles, nec340
39449901Banks, toy23
39449902Baskets, toy5
39449903Books, toy: picture and cutout12
39449904Darts and dart games14
39449905Dishes, toy0
39449906Dollhouses and furniture18
39449907Engines, miniature4
39449908Hobby horses10
39449910Magic lanterns (toys)0
39449911Marbles (toys)8
39449912Paint sets, children's3
39449913Rocking horses34