SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3942—Dolls and Stuffed Toys
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dolls, doll parts, and doll clothing, except doll wigs. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing stuffed toys are also included in this industry. Doll Wigs are classified in Industry 3999.

Dolls, doll parts, and doll clothing: except wigsStuffed toys (including animals)
Dolls, miniature: collectors'
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3942Dolls and Stuffed Toys532
394200Dolls and stuffed toys191
39420000Dolls and stuffed toys191
394201Dolls and doll clothing247
39420100Dolls and doll clothing53
39420101Clothing, doll93
39420102Doll parts5
39420103Dolls, except stuffed toy animals69
39420104Hats, doll2
39420105Miniature dolls, collectors'25
39420106Shoes, doll0
394299Dolls and stuffed toys, nec94
39429901Stuffed toys, including animals94