Industry: 3931—Musical Instruments
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pianos, with or without player attachments; organs; other musical instruments; and parts and accessories for musical instruments.

Accordions and partsMouthpieces for musical instruments
Autophones (organs with perforated music rolls)Music rolls, perforated
Banjos and partsMusic stands
BassoonsMusical instrument accessories: e.g. reeds, mouthpieces, stands, traps
Bells (musical instruments)Musical instruments, including electric and electronic
Blowers, pipe organOboes
Bugles and parts (musical instruments)Ocarinas
Calliopes (steam organs)Octophones
Carillon bellsOrgan parts and materials, except organ hardware
Cellos and partsOrgans, all types: e.g., pipe, reed, hand, street, barrel, electronic, player
Chimes and parts (musical instruments)Percussion musical instruments
Clarinets and partsPiano parts and materials, except piano hardware
Concertinas and partsPianos, all types: e.g., vertical, grand, spinet, player, coin-operated
Cornets and partsPiccolos and parts
Cymbals and partsSaxophones and parts
Drummers' trapsStringed musical instruments and parts
Drums, parts, and accessories (musical instruments)Strings, musical instrument
Electric musical instrumentsSynthesizers, music
Electronic musical instrumentsTrombones and Parts
Flutes and partsTrumpets and parts
Fretted instruments and partsUkuleles and parts
Guitars and parts, electric and nonelectricVibraphones
HarmonicasViolas and parts
Harps and partsViolins and parts
HarpsichordsWoodwind and brass wind musical instrument
Heads, banjo and drumXylophones and parts
Mandolins and partsZithers and parts
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3931Musical Instruments1,551
393100Musical instruments617
39310000Musical instruments617
393101Keyboard instruments and parts180
39310100Keyboard instruments and parts8
39310101Accordions and parts3
39310102Autophones (organs with perforated music rolls)1
39310103Blowers, pipe organ3
39310105Calliopes (steam organs)1
39310106Concertinas and parts3
39310107Frames, piano back1
39310108Hammers, piano3
39310110Keyboards, piano or organ7
39310114Music rolls, perforated4
39310115Organ parts and materials6
39310116Organs, all types: pipe, reed, hand, electronic, etc.43
39310117Piano parts and materials, nec5
39310118Pianos, all types: vertical, grand, spinet, player, etc.18
39310119Pipes, organ44
39310120Reedboards, organ0
39310121Reeds, organ3
39310122Strings, piano0
39310123Synthesizers, music16
393102String instruments and parts439
39310200String instruments and parts31
39310201Banjos and parts8
39310202Cellos and parts5
39310203Fretted instruments and parts5
39310204Guitars and parts, electric and nonelectric254
39310205Harps and parts19
39310207Mandolins and parts1
39310208Strings, musical instrument24
39310209Ukuleles and parts5
39310210Violas and parts2
39310211Violins and parts84
39310212Zithers and parts1
393103Woodwind instruments and parts84
39310300Woodwind instruments and parts18
39310302Clarinets and parts5
39310303Fifes and parts0
39310304Flutes and parts20
39310305Oboes and english horns1
39310306Piccolos and parts1
39310307Recorders (musical instruments)12
39310308Reeds for musical instruments11
39310309Saxophones and parts3
393104Brass instruments and parts17
39310400Brass instruments and parts6
39310402Bugles and parts (musical instruments)4
39310403Cornets and parts0
39310406Trumpets and parts5
393105Percussion instruments and parts114
39310500Percussion instruments and parts22
39310501Bells (musical instruments)14
39310502Carillon bells4
39310503Chimes and parts (musical instruments)2
39310504Cymbals and parts2
39310505Drummers' traps0
39310506Drums, parts, and accessories (musical instruments)51
39310507Heads, drum1
39310510Xylophones and parts0
393199Musical instruments, nec100
39319902Mouthpieces for musical instruments8
39319903Musical instruments, electric and electronic, nec45
39319906Stands, music18