SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3915—Jewelers' Findings and Materials, and Lapidary Work
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing unassembled jewelry parts and stock shop products, such as sheet, wire, and tubing; and establishments of lapidaries primarily engaged in cutting, slabbing, tumbling, carving, engraving, polishing or faceting stones from natural or manmade precious or semiprecious gem raw materials, either for sale or on a contract basis for the trade; in recutting, repolishing, and setting gem stones; or in cutting, drilling, and otherwise preparing jewels for instruments, dies, watches, chronometers, and other industrial uses. This industry includes the drilling, sawing, and peeling of real or cultured pearls. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing synthetic stones for gem stones and industrial use are classified in Industry 3299, and those manufacturing artificial pearls are classified in Industry 3961.

Diamond cutting and polishingJewelry soldering for the trade
Diamond points for phonograph needlesLapidary work, contract and other
Jewel bearings, syntheticMachine chain, platinum or karat gold
Jewel cutting, drilling, polishing, recutting, or settingPearls: drilling, sawing or peeling of
Jewel preparing: for instruments, tools, watches, and jewelryPin stems (jewelry findings)
Jewelers' findings and materialsSoldering for the jewelry trade
Jewelry parts, unassembledStones: preparation of real and imitation gems for settings
Jewelry polishing for the trade
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3915Jewelers' Materials and Lapidary Work608
391500Jewelers' materials and lapidary work220
39150000Jewelers' materials and lapidary work220
391501Jewelers' findings and materials157
39150100Jewelers' findings and materials40
39150101Gems, real and imitation: preparation for settings20
39150102Jewel bearings, synthetic5
39150103Jewel preparing: instruments, tools, watches, and jewelry35
39150104Jewelers' castings38
39150105Jewelry parts, unassembled17
39150106Machine chain, platinum or karat gold1
39150107Pin stems1
391502Lapidary work and diamond cutting and polishing230
39150200Lapidary work and diamond cutting and polishing21
39150201Diamond cutting and polishing83
39150202Jewel cutting, drilling, polishing, recutting, or setting78
39150203Jewelry polishing for the trade8
39150204Jewelry soldering for the trade4
39150205Lapidary work, contract or other34
39150206Pearl drilling, sawing or peeling2