SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3914—Silverware, Plated Ware, and Stainless Steel Ware
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing flatware (including knives, forks, and spoons), hollow ware, ecclesiastical ware, trophies, trays, and related products made of sterling silver; of metal plated with silver, gold, or other metal; of nickel silver; of pewter; or of stainless steel. Also included are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing table flatware with blades and handles of metal. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing other metal cutlery are classified in Industry 3421, and those manufacturing metal trophies, trays and toilet ware, other than silver, nickel silver, pewter, stainless steel, and plated, are classified in Industry 3499.

Carving sets, with metal handles and bladesSilversmithing
Cutlery, with metal handles and bladesSilverware: nickel silver, silver plated, Solid silver, and sterling
Ecclesiastical ware: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and platedTable and kitchen cutlery, all metal
Flatware, table with metal handles and bladesToilet ware: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated
Hollow ware, silver, nickel silver pewter, stainless steel, and platedTrays: silver, nickel silver, pewter, stainless steel, and plated
Loving cups, silver, nickel silver, pewter, and platedTrophies: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3914Silverware and Plated Ware356
391400Silverware and plated ware96
39140000Silverware and plated ware96
39140101Carving sets, silver0
39140102Cutlery, silver0
39140104Flatware, silver2
39140105Hollowware, silver1
39140108Silverware, solid silver0
39140109Silverware, sterling silver9
39140111Trays, silver0
39140112Trophies, silver7
391402Nickle silverware2
39140200Nickle silverware0
39140201Carving sets, nickle silver0
39140203Ecclesiastical ware, nickle silver0
39140208Trays, nickle silver0
39140209Trophies, nickle silver1
391403Pewter ware27
39140300Pewter ware21
39140301Carving sets, pewter2
39140302Cutlery, pewter0
39140304Flatware, pewter0
39140305Hollowware, pewter0
39140308Trays, pewter1
39140309Trophies, pewter3
391404Plated ware (all metals)41
39140400Plated ware (all metals)4
39140401Carving sets, plated (all metals)0
39140402Cutlery, plated (all metals)2
39140403Ecclesiastical ware, plated (all metals)2
39140404Flatware, plated (all metals)1
39140405Hollowware, plated (all metals)0
39140406Loving cups, plated (all metals)0
39140407Silverware, silver plated0
39140408Toilet ware, plated (all metals)0
39140409Trays, plated (all metals)0
39140410Trophies, plated (all metals)32
391405Stainless steel ware53
39140500Stainless steel ware41
39140501Carving sets, stainless steel2
39140502Cutlery, stainless steel5
39140503Ecclesiastical ware, stainless steel0
39140504Flatware, stainless steel1
39140505Hollowware, stainless steel1
39140506Loving cups, stainless steel1
39140507Toilet ware, stainless steel0
39140508Trays, stainless steel0
39140509Trophies, stainless steel2
391499Silverware and plated ware, nec68
39149901Carving sets, nsk0
39149902Cutlery, nsk3
39149903Ecclesiastical ware, nsk1
39149904Flatware, nsk1
39149905Hollowware, nsk1
39149907Silverware, nsk1
39149908Toilet ware, nsk0
39149909Trays, nsk1
39149910Trophies, nsk60