SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3911—Jewelry, Precious Metal
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing jewelry and other articles worn on or carried about the person, made of precious metals (including base metals clad or rolled with precious metals), with or without stones. Products of this industry include cigarette cases and lighters, vanity cases and compacts; trimmings for umbrellas and canes; and jewel settings and mountings. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing costume jewelry from nonprecious metals and other materials are classified in Industry 3961.

Cases: cigar, cigarette, and vanity—precious metalJewelry, natural or cultured pearls
Cigar lighters, precious metal or based metal clad with precious metalMedals of precious or semiprecious metals
Cigarette lighters, precious metalMountings, gold and silver: for pens, leather goods, and umbrellas
Collar buttons, precious metal and precious or semiprecious stonesPins, precious metal
Compacts, precious metalRings, precious metal
Cuff buttons, precious metal and precious or semiprecious stonesRosaries and other small religious articles, precious metal
Handbags, precious metalShirt studs, precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones
Handles, umbrella and parasol: gold and silverTrimmings, precious metal: e.g., for canes, umbrellas
Jewel settings and mountings, precious metalWatchbands, precious metal
Jewelry, made of precious metal or precious or semiprecious stones
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3911Jewelry, Precious Metal3,004
391100Jewelry, precious metal1,979
39110000Jewelry, precious metal1,979
391101Jewelry apparel848
39110100Jewelry apparel605
39110101Bracelets, precious metal39
39110102Collar/cuff buttons, precious/semiprecious metal or stone6
39110103Earrings, precious metal14
39110104Medals, precious or semiprecious metal25
39110105Necklaces, precious metal17
39110106Pearl jewelry, natural or cultured35
39110107Pins (jewelry), precious metal20
39110108Rings, finger: precious metal69
39110109Rosaries or other small religious articles, precious metal15
39110110Shirt studs, precious and semiprecious metal or stone3
39110111Watchbands, precious metal0
391102Cigar and cigarette accessories68
39110200Cigar and cigarette accessories64
39110202Cigar lighters, precious metal3
39110204Cigarette lighters, precious metal1
391103Jewelry mountings and trimmings102
39110300Jewelry mountings and trimmings23
39110301Handles, gold and silver: umbrella and parasol1
39110302Jewel settings and mountings, precious metal66
39110303Mountings, gold or silver: pens, leather goods, etc.8
39110304Trimmings for canes, umbrellas, etc.: precious metal4
391104Precious metal cases7
39110400Precious metal cases3
39110401Compacts, precious metal1
39110402Handbags, precious metal1
39110403Vanity cases, precious metal2