Industry: 3861—Photographic Equipment and Supplies
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing: (1) photographic apparatus, equipment, parts, attachments, and accessories, such as still and motion picture camera and projection apparatus; photocopy and microfilm equipment; blueprinting and diazotype (white printing) apparatus and equipment; and other photographic equipment; and (2) sensitized film, paper, cloth, and plates, and prepared photographic chemicals for use therewith. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing photographic paper stock (unsensitized), and paper mats, mounts, easels, and folders for photographic use, are classified in Major Group 26; those manufacturing photographic lenses are classified in Industry 3827; those manufacturing photographic glass are classified in Major Group 32; those manufacturing chemicals for technical purposes, not specifically prepared and packaged for use in photography, are classified in Major Group 28; and those manufacturing photographic flash, flood, enlarger, and projection lamp bulbs are classified in Industry 3641.

Aerial camerasMicrofilm equipment: cameras, projectors, and readers
Blueprint cloth or paper, sensitizedMotion picture apparatus and equipment
Blueprint reproduction machines and equipmentMotion picture film
Brownprint paper and cloth, sensitizedPhotocopy machines
Brownprint reproduction machines and equipmentPhotoflash equipment, except lamp bulbs
Cameras, microfilmPhotographic chemicals, packaged
Cameras, still and motion picturePhotographic equipment and accessories
DensitometersPhotographic instruments, electronic
Developers, prepared photographic: not made in chemical plantsPhotographic paper and cloth, sensitized
Developing machines and equipment, still or motion picturePhotographic sensitized goods
Diazo (whiteprint) paper and cloth, sensitizedPhotoreconnaissance systems
Diazotype (whiteprint) reproduction machines and equipmentPlates, photographic: sensitized
Driers, photographicPrinting equipment, photographic
Editing equipment, motion picture: rewinds, viewers, titlers, and splicersPrinting frames, photographic
Enlargers, photographicProcessing equipment, photographic
Exposure meters, photographicProjectors, still and motion picture: silent and sound
Film, sensitized: motion picture, X-ray, still camera, and specialRange finders, photographic
Fixers, prepared photographic: not made in chemical plantsReels, film
Flashlight apparatus for photographers, except bulbsScreens, projection
Graphic arts plates, sensitizedSensitometers, photographic
Hangers: photographic film, plate, and paperShutters, camera
Heat sensitized paper made from purchased paperSound recording and reproducing equipment, motion picture
Holders: photographic film, plate, and paperStands, camera and projector
Lantern slide plates, sensitizedStereopticons
Lens shades, cameraTanks: photographic developing, fixing, and washing
Light meters, photographicToners, prepared photographic, packaged
Metallic emulsion sensitized paper and cloth, photographicTrays, photographic printing and processing
Microfiche camerasTripods, camera and projector
Microfiche readers and reader printersWashers, photographic print and film
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3861Photographic Equipment and Supplies1,310
386100Photographic equipment and supplies390
38610000Photographic equipment and supplies390
386101Sensitized film, cloth, and paper200
38610100Sensitized film, cloth, and paper4
38610101Blueprint cloth or paper, sensitized0
38610103Diazo (whiteprint) cloth or paper, sensitized1
38610104Film, sensitized motion picture, X-ray, still camera, etc.26
38610105Graphic arts plates, sensitized30
38610107Lantern slide plates, sensitized1
38610109Motion picture film117
38610110Photographic paper and cloth, all types, nec4
38610111Photographic sensitized goods, nec3
38610112Plates, photographic (sensitized)5
38610113X-ray film8
38610114X-ray plates, sensitized0
386102Photographic processing equipment and chemicals91
38610200Photographic processing equipment and chemicals7
38610202Developing machines and equipment, still or motion picture3
38610203Driers, photographic1
38610204Enlargers, photographic3
38610205Hangers, photographic film, plate, and paper1
38610206Printing equipment, photographic58
38610207Processing equipment, photographic8
38610208Tanks, photographic developing, fixing, and washing1
38610209Trays, photographic printing and processing8
38610210Washers, photographic print and film0
386103Cameras and related equipment310
38610300Cameras and related equipment163
38610301Aerial cameras37
38610302Cameras, microfilm3
38610303Cameras, still and motion picture (all types)15
38610304Exposure meters, photographic1
38610305Flashlight apparatus for photographers, except bulbs3
38610306Lens shades, camera6
38610307Light meters, camera6
38610308Microfilm equipment: cameras, projectors, readers, etc.9
38610309Motion picture apparatus and equipment32
38610310Photo reconnaissance systems2
38610311Photoflash equipment, except lamps1
38610312Photographic instruments, electronic8
38610313Range finders, photographic0
38610314Shutters, camera4
38610315Stands, camera and projector5
38610316Tripods, camera and projector15
386104Photographic film, plate, and paper holders31
38610400Photographic film, plate, and paper holders5
38610401Printing frames, photographic18
38610402Reels, film8
386105Reproduction machines and equipment74
38610500Reproduction machines and equipment21
38610501Blueprint reproduction machines and equipment7
38610502Brownprint reproduction machines and equipment1
38610503Diazotype (whiteprint) reproduction machines and equipment1
38610504Microfiche readers and reader printers4
38610505Photocopy machines40
386106Photographic processing chemicals99
38610600Photographic processing chemicals6
38610601Developers, photographic (not made in chemical plants)17
38610602Fixers, photographic (not made in chemical plants)1
38610603Toners, prepared photographic (not made in chemical plants)75
386199Photographic equipment and supplies, nec115
38619902Editing equipment, motion picture: viewers, splicers, etc.15
38619903Projectors, still or motion picture, silent or sound16
38619904Screens, projection29
38619905Sensitometers, photographic0
38619906Sound recording and reproducing equipment, motion picture52