SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3851—Ophthalmic Goods
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing ophthalmic frames, lenses, and sunglass lenses. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing molded glass blanks are classified in Industry 3229. Establishments primarily engaged in grinding lenses and fitting glasses to prescription are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5995.

Contact lensesLens grinding, ophthalmic, except prescription
Eyeglasses, lenses, and framesLenses, ophthalmic
Eyes, glass and plasticsLorgnettes
Frames and parts, eyeglass and spectacleMagnifiers (readers and simple magnifiers)
Glasses, sun or glareMountings, eyeglass and spectacle
Goggles: sun, safety, industrial, and underwaterOphthalmic lens grinding, except prescription
Intra ocular lensesProtectors, eye spectacles
Lens coating, ophthalmicTemples and fronts, ophthalmic
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3851Ophthalmic Goods934
385100Ophthalmic goods301
38510000Ophthalmic goods301
385101Frames, lenses, and parts, eyeglass and spectacle369
38510100Frames, lenses, and parts, eyeglass and spectacle41
38510101Eyeglasses, lenses and frames185
38510102Frames and parts, eyeglass and spectacle26
38510103Lens coating, ophthalmic9
38510104Lens grinding, except prescription: ophthalmic25
38510105Lenses, ophthalmic31
38510107Magnifiers (readers and simple magnifiers)6
38510108Mountings, eyeglass and spectacle3
38510110Temples and fronts, ophthalmic1
385102Protective eyeware137
38510200Protective eyeware53
38510201Glasses, sun or glare45
38510202Goggles: sun, safety, industrial, underwater, etc.24
38510203Protectors, eye15
385199Ophthalmic goods, nec127
38519901Contact lenses74
38519902Eyes, glass and plastic45
38519903Intraocular lenses8