Industry: 3843—Dental Equipment and Supplies
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing artificial teeth, dental metals, alloys, and amalgams, and a wide variety of equipment, instruments, and supplies used by dentists, dental laboratories, and dental colleges. Dental laboratories constructing artificial dentures, bridges, inlays, and other dental restorations on specifications from dentists are classified in Services, Industry 8072.

Abrasive points, wheels, and disks: dentalEnamels, dentists'
Autoclaves, dentalForceps, dental
Broaches, dentalFurnaces, laboratory: dental
Burs, dentalGlue, dental
Cabinets, dentalGold, dental
Cement, dentalHand pieces and parts, dental
Chairs, dentists'Impression material, dental
Compounds, dentalInvestment material, dental
Cutting instruments, dentalOrthodontic appliances
Dental alloys for amalgamsPlaster, dental
Dental enginesPliers, dental
Dental equipment and suppliesSterilizers, dental
Dental hand instruments, including forcepsTeeth, artificial: not made in dental laboratories
Dental laboratory equipmentTools, dentists'
Dental metalUltrasonic dental equipment
Denture materialsWax, dental
Drills, dental
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3843Dental Equipment and Supplies1,439
384300Dental equipment and supplies523
38430000Dental equipment and supplies523
384301Dental equipment412
38430100Dental equipment184
38430101Abrasive points, wheels, and disks, dental4
38430102Autoclaves, dental2
38430104Burs, dental3
38430105Cabinets, dental11
38430106Cutting instruments, dental1
38430107Dental chairs8
38430108Dental engines0
38430109Dental hand instruments, nec12
38430110Dental laboratory equipment43
38430111Dental tools, nec14
38430112Drills, dental2
38430114Furnaces, laboratory, dental3
38430115Hand pieces and parts, dental12
38430116Orthodontic appliances104
38430118Sterilizers, dental2
38430119Ultrasonic dental equipment6
384302Dental materials504
38430200Dental materials80
38430201Cement, dental4
38430202Compounds, dental8
38430203Dental alloys for amalgams6
38430204Dental metal9
38430205Denture materials23
38430206Enamels, dentists'311
38430208Gold, dental1
38430209Impression material, dental7
38430210Investment material, dental3
38430211Plaster, dental4
38430212Teeth, artificial (not made in dental laboratories)46
38430213Wax, dental2