SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3842—Orthopedic, Prosthetic, and Surgical Appliances and Supplies
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing orthopedic, prosthetic, and surgical appliances and supplies, arch supports and other foot appliances; fracture appliances, elastic hosiery, abdominal supporters, braces, and trusses; bandages; surgical gauze and dressings; sutures; adhesive tapes and medicated plasters; and personal safety appliances and equipment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing surgical and medical instruments are classified in Industry 3841. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing orthopedic or prosthetic appliances and in the personal fitting to the individual prescription by a physician are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5999.

Abdominal supporters, braces, and trussesInfant incubators
Absorbent cotton, sterilizedIntrauterine devices
Adhesive tape and plasters, medicated or non-medicatedIron lungs
Applicators, cotton tippedLife preservers, except cork and inflatable
Atomizers, medicalLigatures, medical
Autoclaves, hospital and surgicalLimbs, artificial
Bandages and dressings, surgical and orthopedicLinemen's safety belts
Bandages: plastics, muslin, and plaster of parisModels, anatomical
Belts: sanitary, surgical, and correctiveNoise protectors, personal
Braces, elasticOrthopedic devices and materials
Braces, orthopedicPads, incontinent and bed
Bulletproof vestsPersonal safety appliances and equipment
Canes, orthopedicPlugs, ear and nose
Cervical collarsProsthetic appliances and supplies
Clothing, fire resistant and protectiveRadiation shielding aprons, gloves, and sheeting
Colostomy appliancesRespirators
Corn remover and bunion padsRespiratory protection equipment, personal
Corsets, surgicalRestraints, patient
Cosmetic restorationsSafety appliances and equipment, personal
Cotton, absorbent: sterilizedSafety gloves, all materials
Cotton, including cotton ballsSocks, stump
Crutches and walkersSpace suits
Drapes, surgical: cottonSplints, pneumatic and wood
Dressings, surgicalSponges, surgical
Ear stoppersSterilizers, hospital and surgical
Elastic hosiery, orthopedicStockinette, surgical
Extension shoes, orthopedicStretchers
First aid, snake bite, and burn kitsSuits, firefighting: asbestos
Foot appliances, orthopedicSupports: abdominal, ankle, arch, and kneecap
Fracture appliances, surgicalSurgical appliances and supplies, except medical instruments
Gas masksSuspensories
Gauze, surgical: not made in weaving millsSutures
Grafts, artificial: for surgery-made of braided or mesh artificial fibersSwabs, sanitary cotton
Gynecological supplies and appliancesTongue depressors
Hearing aidsTraction apparatus
Helmets, spaceTrusses: orthopedic and surgical
Hosiery, supportWelders' hoods
Hydrotherapy equipmentWheel chairs
Implants, surgicalWhirlpool baths, hydrotherapy equipment
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3842Surgical Appliances and Supplies4,741
384200Surgical appliances and supplies997
38420000Surgical appliances and supplies997
384201Personal safety equipment636
38420100Personal safety equipment246
38420101Bulletproof vests36
38420102Clothing, fire resistant and protective92
38420103Ear plugs25
38420104Gas masks12
38420105Gloves, safety60
38420106Helmets, space5
38420107Life preservers, except cork and inflatable4
38420108Linemen's safety belts2
38420109Noise protectors, personal3
38420110Nose plugs0
38420111Radiation shielding aprons, gloves, sheeting, etc.29
38420112Respiratory protection equipment, personal46
38420113Space suits3
38420114Suits, firefighting (asbestos)5
38420115Welders' hoods68
384202Cotton and cotton applicators14
38420200Cotton and cotton applicators2
38420201Absorbent cotton, sterilized6
38420202Applicators, cotton tipped0
38420203Cotton, absorbent: sterilized1
38420204Cotton, including cotton balls: sterile and non-sterile2
38420205Swabs, sanitary cotton3
384203Prosthetic appliances1,133
38420300Prosthetic appliances494
38420301Cosmetic restorations41
38420302Implants, surgical161
38420303Limbs, artificial424
38420304Models, anatomical12
38420305Socks, stump1
384204Orthopedic appliances1,566
38420400Orthopedic appliances582
38420401Abdominal supporters, braces, and trusses28
38420402Braces, elastic15
38420403Braces, orthopedic147
38420404Canes, orthopedic13
38420405Cervical collars1
38420407Corsets, surgical0
38420408Crutches and walkers14
38420409Elastic hosiery, orthopedic (support)6
38420410Extension shoes, orthopedic8
38420411Foot appliances, orthopedic46
38420412Hearing aids228
38420413Hosiery, support4
38420414Splints, pneumatic and wood6
38420415Supports: abdominal, ankle, arch, kneecap, etc.26
38420417Technical aids for the handicapped52
38420418Trusses, orthopedic and surgical12
384205Bandages and dressings51
38420500Bandages and dressings37
38420501Bandages: plastic, muslin, plaster of paris, etc.3
38420502Dressings, surgical8
38420503Gauze, surgical3
384299Surgical appliances and supplies, nec344
38429901Adhesive tape and plasters, medicated or non-medicated14
38429902Atomizers, medical5
38429903Autoclaves, hospital and surgical7
38429904Belts: surgical, sanitary, and corrective5
38429905Colostomy appliances4
38429906Drapes, surgical (cotton)1
38429907First aid, snake bite, and burn kits34
38429908Fracture appliances, surgical0
38429909Grafts, artifical: for surgery18
38429910Gynecological supplies and appliances8
38429911Hydrotherapy equipment14
38429912Infant incubators2
38429913Intra-uterine devices0
38429914Iron lungs4
38429915Ligatures, medical12
38429917Restraints, patient8
38429918Sponges, surgical7
38429919Sterilizers, hospital and surgical27
38429920Stockinette, surgical1
38429922Surgical appliances and supplies67
38429923Sutures, absorbable and non-absorbable8
38429924Tape, adhesive: medicated or non-medicated9
38429925Tongue depressors1
38429926Traction apparatus11
38429927Whirlpool baths, hydrotherapy equipment20