Industry: 3829—Measuring and Controlling Devices, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing measuring and controlling devices, not elsewhere classified, including meteorological instruments. Important products of this industry are physical properties testing equipment, nuclear radiation detection and monitoring instrumentation, aircraft engine instruments (except flight), and liquid-in-glass and bimetal thermometers. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing surveying and drafting instruments, such as alidades, transits, sextants, theodolites, slide rules, and T-squares.

Accelerometers, except aerospace typePersonnel dosimetry devices
Actinometers, meteorologicalPhotogrammetrical instruments
Alidades, surveyingPhotopitometers
AnamometersPhysical properties testing and inspection equipment
Barometers, mercury and aneroid typesPressure and vacuum indicators, aircraft engine
Cable testing machinesPulse analyzers, nuclear monitoring
Chronometers, electronicRadiation measuring and detecting (radiac) equipment
Clinical thermometers, including digitalRain gauges
Compasses, magnetic: portable typeRestitution apparatus, photogrammetrical
Count rate meters, nuclear radiationSample changers, nuclear radiation
Drafting instruments and machinesScalers, nuclear radiation
Dynamometer instrumentsScintillation detectors
Electrogamma ray loggersSeismographs
Evaporation metersSeismometers
Fare registers: e.g., for streetcars and busesSeismoscopes
Fatigue testing machines, industrial: mechanicalSextants, surveying
Fuel densitometers, aircraft engineSolarimeters
Fuel mixture indicators, aircraft engineSpectrometers, liquid scintillation and nuclear
Fuel system instruments, aircraftStereotopographs
Fuel totalizers, aircraft engineStress, strain, and flaw detecting and measuring equipment
Gauges except electric, motor vehicle: oil pressure and waterSurveying instruments
Gauging instruments, thickness: ultrasonicSynchronizers, aircraft engine
Geiger countersTesters for checking hydraulic controls on aircraft
Hardness testing equipmentTesting equipment: abrasion, shearing strength, tensile strength, and torsion
Humidity instruments, except industrial process and air-conditioningTheodolites, surveying
Hydrometers, except industrial process typeThermocouples, except industrial process, aircraft type, and glass
Hygrometers, except industrial process typeThermohydrometers
HygrothermographsThermometers, liquid-in-glass and bimetal types
Instrumentation for reactor controls, auxiliaryThrust power indicators, aircraft engine
Ion chambersToll booths, automatic
Kinematic test and measuring equipmentTransducers, pressure
Level gauges, radiation typeTransits, surveying
Levels and tapes, surveyingTurnstiles, equipped with counting mechanisms
MagnetometersUltrasonic testing equipment
Map plotting instrumentsVibration meters, analyzers, and calibrators
Meteorogic tracking systemsViscosimeters, except industrial process type
Meteorological instrumentsWeather tracking equipment
NephoscopesWhole body counters, nuclear
Nuclear instrument modulesWind direction indicators
Nuclear radiation detection and monitoring instruments
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3829Measuring and Controlling Devices, Nec2,387
382900Measuring and controlling devices, nec1,046
38290000Measuring and controlling devices, nec1,046
382901Aircraft and motor vehicle measurement equipment112
38290100Aircraft and motor vehicle measurement equipment34
38290102Fuel densitometers, aircraft engine2
38290103Fuel mixture indicators, aircraft engine1
38290104Fuel system instruments, aircraft6
38290105Fuel totalizers, aircraft engine2
38290106Gauges, motor vehicle: oil pressure, water temperature9
38290107Gauging instruments, thickness ultrasonic13
38290108Instrument board gauges, automotive: computerized15
38290109Oil pressure gauges, motor vehicle3
38290110Pressure and vacuum indicators, aircraft engine7
38290111Synchronizers, aircraft engine1
38290112Testers for checking hydraulic controls on aircraft4
38290113Thrust power indicators, aircraft engine2
38290114Water temperature gauges, motor vehicle0
382902Geophysical and meteorological testing equipment167
38290200Geophysical and meteorological testing equipment31
38290201Actinometers, meteorological1
38290203Barometers, mercury and aneroid types2
38290206Geophysical or meteorological electronic equipment21
38290207Humidity instruments, except industrial process type3
38290208Hygrometers, except industrial process type3
38290210Meteorologic tracking systems13
38290211Meteorological instruments22
38290212Moisture density meters4
38290214Rain gauges4
38290219Weather tracking equipment22
38290220Wind direction indicators10
382903Surveying and drafting equipment109
38290300Surveying and drafting equipment21
38290302Drafting instruments and machines: t-square, template, etc.4
38290303Levels and tapes, surveying9
38290304Map plotting instruments5
38290305Photogrammetrical instruments3
38290307Plotting instruments, drafting and map reading10
38290308Plumb bobs0
38290309Restitution apparatus, photogrammetrical1
38290312Surveying instruments and accessories44
38290314Transits, surveyors'12
382904Physical property testing equipment224
38290400Physical property testing equipment71
38290401Cable testing machines4
38290402Coal testing apparatus3
38290403Dynamometer instruments23
38290404Fatigue testing machines, industrial: mechanical14
38290405Hardness testing equipment10
38290406Stress, strain, and flaw detecting/measuring equipment20
38290407Tensile strength testing equipment6
38290408Testing equipment: abrasion, shearing strength, etc.72
38290409Torsion testing equipment1
382905Nuclear radiation and testing apparatus270
38290500Nuclear radiation and testing apparatus54
38290501Count rate meters, nuclear radiation4
38290502Electrogamma ray loggers6
38290503Geiger counters2
38290504Ion chambers10
38290505Level gauges, radiation type2
38290506Medical diagnostic systems, nuclear167
38290507Nuclear instrument modules6
38290508Personnel dosimetry devices5
38290509Pulse analyzers, nuclear monitoring3
38290510Sample changers, nuclear radiation2
38290511Scalers, nuclear radiation1
38290512Spectrometers, liquid scintillation and nuclear5
38290513Whole body counters, nuclear3
382906Automatic turnstiles and related apparatus24
38290600Automatic turnstiles and related apparatus7
38290601Fare registers, for street cars, buses, etc.6
38290602Toll booths, automatic6
38290603Turnstiles, equipped with counting mechanisms5
382907Thermometers and temperature sensors126
38290700Thermometers and temperature sensors62
38290701Temperature sensors, except industrial process and aircraft21
38290703Thermometers, including digital: clinical18
38290704Thermometers, liquid-in-glass and bimetal type4
382999Measuring and controlling devices, nec, nec309
38299903Chronometers, electronic4
38299904Compasses, magnetic: portable type4
38299905Fire detector systems, non-electric11
38299906Gas detectors43
38299907Hydrometers, except industrial process type5
38299908Instrumentation for reactor controls, auxiliary25
38299909Kinematic test and measuring equipment6
38299913Pressure transducers20
38299915Salinity indicators, except industrial process type0
38299918Slide rules4
38299920Thermomagnetic oxygen analyzer4
38299922Ultrasonic testing equipment32
38299923Vibration meters, analyzers, and calibrators45
38299924Viscosimeters, except industrial process type0
38299925Polygraph devices41
38299926Liquid leak detection equipment20