Industry: 3827—Optical Instruments and Lenses
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing instruments and apparatus that measure an optical property and optically project, measure, or magnify an image, such as binoculars, microscopes, prisms, and lenses. Included are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing optical sighting and fire control equipment.

Aiming circles (fire control equipment)Magnifying instruments, optical
Boards: plotting, spotting, and gun fire adjustmentMicroprojectors
BorescopesMicroscopes, except electron, proton and corneal
CinetheodolitesMirrors, optical
Coddington magnifying instrumentsOptical alignment and display instruments, except photographic
Contour projectorsOptical comparators
Correctors: percentage, wind, and roll (sighting and fire controlOptical test and inspection equipment
Fuse setters (fire control equipment)Periscopes
Glasses, field or operaPhototheodolites
Gratings, diffractionPrisms, optical
Gun sights, opticalReflectors, optical
InterferometersSearchlight mirrors and reflectors
Lens coatingSighting and fire control equipment, optical
Lens grinding, except ophthalmicSpy glasses
Lens mountsTelescopes
Lenses, optical: photographic, magnifying, projection, and instrumentTelescopic sights
Light sources, standardTriplet magnifying instruments, optical
Lupes magnifying instruments, optical
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3827Optical Instruments and Lenses1,192
382700Optical instruments and lenses551
38270000Optical instruments and lenses551
382701Optical instruments and apparatus427
38270100Optical instruments and apparatus191
38270104Coddington magnifying instruments0
38270105Glasses, field or opera7
38270106Gun sights, optical22
38270107Lenses, optical: all types except ophthalmic84
38270108Lupes magnifying instruments, optical1
38270109Magnifying instruments, nec, optical13
38270112Microscopes, except electron, proton, and corneal23
38270115Sighting and fire control equipment, optical9
38270117Telescopes: elbow, panoramic, sighting, fire control, etc.29
38270118Telescopic sights4
38270119Triplet magnifying instruments, optical2
382702Lens coating and grinding equipment16
38270200Lens coating and grinding equipment4
38270201Lens coating equipment11
38270202Lens grinding equipment, except ophthalmic1
382799Optical instruments and lenses, nec198
38279901Aiming circles (fire control equipment)3
38279903Contour projectors0
38279905Fuse setters0
38279906Gratings, diffraction8
38279908Lens mounts4
38279909Light sources, standard15
38279910Mirrors, optical21
38279911Mirrors, searchlight0
38279913Optical alignment and display instruments9
38279914Optical comparators9
38279915Optical elements and assemblies, except ophthalmic38
38279916Optical test and inspection equipment65
38279918Prisms, optical6
38279919Reflectors, optical8
38279920Reflectors, searchlight0