SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3825—Instruments for Measuring and Testing of Electricity and Electrical Signals
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing instruments for measuring the characteristics of electricity and electrical signals, such as voltmeters, ammeters, wattmeters, watt-hour meters, demand meters, and equipment for testing the electrical characteristics of electrical, radio, and communication circuits and of internal combustion engines. Establishments primarily engaged in the manufacturing of electronic checkout, monitoring, evaluating, and other electronic support equipment for electronic navigational, radar, and sonar systems are classified in Industry 3812, and those manufacturing similar equipment for communications systems classified in Industry Group 366.

Alternator and generator testersMeters, power factor and phase angle
AmmetersMicrowave test equipment
Ampere-hour metersMultimeters
Analog-to-digital converters, electronic instrumentation typeNetwork analyzers
Analyzers for testing electrical characteristicsOhmmeters
Audiometers, except medicalOscillators, audio frequency and radio frequency (instrument types)
Automotive ammeters and voltmetersOscillographs and oscilloscopes
Battery testers, electricalPotentiometric instruments, except industrial process type
Bleed control cabinets (engine testers)Power measuring equipment, electrical
Bridges, electrical: e.g., Kelvin, Wheatstone, vacuum tube, and megohmPulse (signal) generators
Current measuring equipmentRadar testing instruments, electric
Decade boxes: capacitance, inductance, and resistanceRadio apparatus analyzers for testing electrical characteristics
Demand meters, electricRadio frequency measuring equipment
Digital panel meters, electricity measuringRadio set analyzers, electrical
Digital test equipment, electronic and electrical circuits and equipmentRadio tube checkers, electrical
Digital-to-analog converters, electronic instrumentation, typeRecorders, oscillographic
Diode and transistor testersReflectometers, sliding shorts
Distortion meters and analyzersResistance measuring equipment
Elapsed time meters, electronicSemiconductor test equipment
Electron tube test equipmentSignal generators and averages
Electronic test equipment for testing electrical characteristicsSpark plug testing instruments, electric
Energy measuring equipment, electricalSpectrum analyzers
Field strength and intensity measuring equipment, electricalStandard cells
Frequency meters: electrical, mechanical, and electronicStandards and calibration equipment for electrical measuring, except laboratory
Frequency synthesizersStanding wave ratio measuring equipment
Function generatorsStroboscopes
Galvanometers, except geophysicalSweep generators
Ignition testing instrumentsSweep oscillators
Impedance measuring equipmentSynchroscopes
Indicating instruments, electricTachometer generators
Instrument relays, all typesTest equipment for electronic and electrical circuits and equipment
Instrument shuntsTest sets, ignition harness
Instruments for measuring electrical quantitiesTime code generators
Instruments, electric: for testing electrical characteristicsTransformers, instrument: portable
Integrated-circuit testersTube testers
Integrating electricity metersVolt-ohm milliammeters
Internal combustion engine analyzers, to test electrical characteristicsVoltmeters
Laboratory standards, electric: resistance, inductance, and capacitanceWatt-hour and demand meters, combined
Logic circuit testersWatt-hour and time switch meters, combined
Measuring equipment for electronic and electrical circuits and equipmentWatt-hour meters, electric
Measuring instruments and meters, electricWattmeters
Meters, electric: pocket, portable, panelboard, and graphic recordingWaveform measuring and/or analyzing equipment
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3825Instruments To Measure Electricity1,883
382500Instruments to measure electricity566
38250000Instruments to measure electricity566
382501Engine electrical test equipment143
38250100Engine electrical test equipment20
38250101Alternator and generator testers6
38250102Automotive ammeters and voltmeters1
38250103Battery testers, electrical26
38250105Digital test equipment, electronic and electrical circuits58
38250106Ignition testing instruments4
38250107Internal combustion engine analyzers, to test electronics26
38250108Spark plug testing equipment, electric1
38250109Test sets, ignition harness1
382502Test equipment for electronic and electric measurement815
38250200Test equipment for electronic and electric measurement205
38250201Analog-digital converters, electronic instrumentation type35
38250202Analyzers for testing electrical characteristics, nec8
38250204Bridges: Kelvin, Wheatstone, vacuum tube, megohm, etc.1
38250205Decade boxes: capacitance, inductance, and resistance0
38250206Digital panel meters, electricity measuring14
38250207Diode and transistor testers1
38250209Electron tube test equipment4
38250210Frequency synthesizers7
38250211Function generators0
38250212Impedance measuring equipment0
38250213Instrument relays, all types2
38250215Integrated circuit testers11
38250216Lab standards, electric: resistance, inductance, capacitance3
38250217Logic circuit testers3
38250218Microwave test equipment15
38250219Network analyzers178
38250220Pulse (signal) generators3
38250221Radar testing instruments, electric7
38250222Radio apparatus analyzers, nec4
38250223Radio set analyzers, electrical5
38250225Reflectometers, sliding shorts1
38250226Semiconductor test equipment87
38250227Shunts, electrical0
38250228Signal generators and averagers6
38250229Spectrum analyzers15
38250230Standard cells3
38250231Standards and calibrating equipment, laboratory21
38250232Standards and calibration equipment for electrical measuring15
38250233Sweep generators1
38250235Tachometer generators1
38250236Test equipment for electronic and electrical circuits126
38250237Time code generators2
38250238Transducers for volts, amperes, watts, vars, frequency, etc.15
38250239Transformers, portable: instrument4
38250241Waveform measuring and/or analyzing equipment, nec3
38250242X-Y recorders (plotters), except computer peripheral equip.1
382503Electrical energy measuring equipment348
38250300Electrical energy measuring equipment51
38250301Ammeters, nec1
38250302Ampere-hour meters1
38250303Current measuring equipment, nec7
38250304Demand meters, electric1
38250305Electrical power measuring equipment51
38250306Energy measuring equipment, electrical50
38250307Field strength and intensity measuring equipment, electrical2
38250308Frequency meters: electrical, mechanical, and electronic11
38250310Instruments for measuring electrical quantities9
38250311Integrating electricity meters13
38250312Measuring instruments and meters, electric46
38250313Meters, power factor and phase angle6
38250314Meters: electric, pocket, portable, panelboard, etc.15
38250317Oscillators, audio and radio frequency (instrument types)13
38250318Oscillographs and oscilloscopes6
38250319Potentiometric instruments, except industrial process type3
38250320Power measuring equipment, electrical10
38250321Radio frequency measuring equipment42
38250322Recorders, oscillographic1
38250323Resistance measuring equipment0
38250326Sweep oscillators1
38250327Volt meters0
38250331Watt-hour meters, electrical3
382599Instruments to measure electricity, nec11
38259901Elapsed time meters, electronic7
38259902Indicating instruments, electric4