SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3824—Totalizing Fluid Meters and Counting Devices
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing totalizing (registering) meters monitoring fluid flows, such as water meters and gas, meters; and producers of mechanical and electromechanical counters and associated metering devices. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electricity integrating meters and electronic frequency counters are classified in Industry 3825, and those manufacturing industrial process instruments are classified in Industry 3823.

Controls, revolution and timing instrumentsPositive displacement meters
Counter type registersPredetermined counters
Counters, revolutionProduction counters
Counters: mechanical, electrical, and electronic totalizingPropeller type meters with registers
Electromechanical countersRegisters, linear tallying
Electronic totalizing countersRotary type meters, consumption registering
Gasmeters: domestic, large capacity, and industrialSpeed indicators and recorders, vehicle
Gasoline dispensing meters (except pumps)Speedometers
Gauges for computing pressure-temperature correctionsTachometer, centrifugal
Impeller and counter driven flow metersTally counters
Integrating meters, nonelectricTallying meters: except electrical instruments, watches, and clocks
Linear countersTank truck meters
Magnetic countersTaximeters
Measuring wheelsTotalizing meters, consumption registering, except aircraft
Meters: gas, liquid, tallying, and mechanical measuring—except electricalTurbine meters, consumption registering
OdometersVehicle tank meters
Parking metersWatermeters, consumption registering
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3824Fluid Meters and Counting Devices342
382400Fluid meters and counting devices68
38240000Fluid meters and counting devices68
382401Integrating and totalizing meters for gas and liquids109
38240100Integrating and totalizing meters for gas and liquids10
38240101Gasmeters, domestic and large capacity: industrial14
38240102Gasoline dispensing meters6
38240103Impeller and counter driven flow meters3
38240104Integrating meters, nonelectric1
38240105Liquid meters, nec6
38240107Mechanical measuring meters4
38240108Positive displacement meters2
38240110Registers, linear tallying3
38240111Rotary type meters0
38240114Totalizing meters, consumption registering0
38240115Turbine meters3
38240117Water meters56
382402Mechanical and electromechanical counters and devices110
38240200Mechanical and electromechanical counters and devices74
38240201Counter type registers1
38240202Counters, revolution2
38240203Electromechanical counters8
38240204Electronic totalizing counters1
38240205Linear counters0
38240206Magnetic counters2
38240207Mechanical counters6
38240208Predetermining counters1
38240209Production counters12
38240210Tally counters3
382403Vehicle instruments24
38240300Vehicle instruments6
38240302Speed indicators and recorders, vehicle3
38240304Tachometer, centrifugal4
382499Fluid meters and counting devices, nec31
38249901Controls, revolution and timing instruments9
38249902Gauges for computing pressure temperature corrections8
38249903Parking meters13