SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3822—Automatic Controls for Regulating Residential and Commercial Environments and Appliances
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing temperature and related controls for heating and air-conditioning installations and refrigeration applications, which are electrically, electronically, or pneumatically actuated, and which measure and control variables such as temperature and humidity; and automatic regulators used as components of household appliances. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial process controls are classified in Industry 3823; those manufacturing motor control switches are classified in Industry 3625; those manufacturing switches for household appliances are classified in Industry 3643; and those manufacturing appliance timers are classified in Industry 3873.

Air flow controllers, air-conditioning and refrigeration except valvesIncinerator control systems, residential and commercial types
Appliance regulators, except switchesLimit controls, residential and commercial heating types
Building services monitoring controls, automaticLine or limit control for electric heat
Clothes dryer controls including dryness controlsLiquid level controls, residential and commercial heating types
Combination limit and fan controlsOven temperature controls, nonindustrial
Combination oil and hydronic controlsPneumatic relays, air-conditioning type
Damper operators pneumatic, thermostatic, and electricPressure controllers, air-conditioning system type
Electric air cleaner controls, automaticPrimary oil burner controls, including stack controls and cadmium
Electric heat proportioning controls, modulating controlsRefrigeration controls, pressure
Electric space heater controls, automaticRefrigeration thermostats
Energy cutoff controls, residential and commercial typesRefrigeration/air-conditioning defrost controls
Fan control, temperature responsiveSequencing controls for electric heat
Flame safety controls for furnaces and boilersStatic pressure regulators
Float controls, residential and commercial typesSteam pressure controls, residential and commercial type
Gas burner automatic controls, except valvesSurface burner controls, temperature
Gradual switches, pneumaticSwitches pneumatic positioning remote
Humidistats wall, duct, and skeletonSwitches, thermostatic
Humidity controls, air conditioning typesTemperature controls, automatic: residential and commercial types
Hydronic circulator control, automaticTemperature sensors for motor windings
Hydronic limit controlThermocouples, vacuum: glass
Hydronic pressure and temperature controlsThermostats: air-conditioning, refrigeration, comfort heating, appliance
Ice bunk controlsTime program controls, air-conditioning systems
Ice maker controlsVapor heating controls
Ignition controls for gas appliances and furnaces, automaticWater heater controls
In-built thermostats, filled system and bimetal types
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3822Environmental Controls1,200
382200Environmental controls438
38220000Environmental controls438
382201Air conditioning and refrigeration controls249
38220100Air conditioning and refrigeration controls150
38220101Air flow controllers, air conditioning and refrigeration54
38220102Fan control, temperature responsive2
38220103Humidity controls, air-conditioning types10
38220104Pressure controllers, air-conditioning system type9
38220105Refrigeration controls (pressure)8
38220106Refrigeration/air-conditioning defrost controls14
38220107Time program controls, air-conditioning systems2
382202Hardware for environmental regulators137
38220200Hardware for environmental regulators18
38220201Damper operators: pneumatic, thermostatic, electric15
38220202Gradual switches, pneumatic0
38220203Pneumatic relays, air-conditioning type2
38220204Switches, pneumatic positioning remote3
38220205Switches, thermostatic5
38220206Temperature controls, automatic94
382203Thermostats and other environmental sensors71
38220300Thermostats and other environmental sensors47
38220301Built-in thermostats, filled system and bimetal types3
38220302Humidistats: wall, duct, and skeleton2
38220304Temperature sensors for motor windings4
38220305Thermocouples, vacuum: glass3
38220306Thermostats, except built-in10
382204Hydronic controls32
38220400Hydronic controls11
38220401Hydronic circulator control, automatic5
38220402Hydronic limit control0
38220403Hydronic pressure or temperature controls8
38220404Liquid level controls, residential or commercial heating8
382205Electric heat controls17
38220500Electric heat controls7
38220501Electric heat proportioning controls, modulating controls8
38220502Line control for electric heat0
382206Appliance controls,except air-conditioning and refrigeration32
38220600Appliance controls,except air-conditioning and refrigeration8
38220601Appliance regulators15
38220602Clothes dryer controls1
38220604Ignition controls for gas appliances and furnaces, automatic5
38220605Oven temperature controls, non-industrial type2
38220606Surface burner controls, temperature1
382299Environmental controls, nec224
38229901Building services monitoring controls, automatic120
38229902Controls, combination limit and fan3
38229903Controls, combination oil and hydronic5
38229904Electric air cleaner controls, automatic10
38229905Energy cutoff controls, residential or commercial types30
38229906Flame safety controls for furnaces and boilers4
38229907Float controls, residential or commercial types1
38229908Gas burner, automatic controls2
38229909Ice bank controls2
38229910Ice maker controls3
38229911Incinerator control systems, residential and commercial type5
38229912Limit controls, residential and commercial heating types4
38229914Static pressure regulators2
38229915Steam pressure controls, residential or commercial type10
38229916Vapor heating controls11
38229917Water heater controls12