SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3812—Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical Systems and Instruments
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical, and nautical systems and instruments. Important products of this industry are radar systems and equipment; sonar systems and equipment; navigation systems and equipment; countermeasures equipment; aircraft and missile control systems and equipment; flight and navigation sensors, transmitters, and displays; gyroscopes; airframe equipment instruments; and speed, pitch, and roll navigational instruments and systems. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing aircraft engine instruments or meteorological systems and equipment, including weather tracking equipment, are classified in Industry 3829.

Acceleration indicators and systems components, aerospace typesHydrophones
Air traffic control radar systems and equipmentInertial navigation systems, aeronautical
Airborne integrated data systems/flight recordersInfrared homing systems, aeronautical
Aircraft flight instrumentsInstrument landing system instrumentation, airborne or airport
Airframe equipment instrumentsLight reconnaissance and surveillance systems and equipment
Airspeed instrumentation (aeronautical instruments)Machmeters
Altimeters, aeronauticalMissile guidance systems and equipment
Angle-of-attack instrumentationNautical instruments
Angle-of-yaw instrumentationNavigational instruments
Artificial horizon instrumentationOmnibearing instrumentation
Automatic pilotsPictorial situation instrumentation
Bank and turn indicators and, components (aeronautical instruments)Position indicators, airframe equipment: e.g., for landing gear, stabilizers
Cabin environment indicators, transmitters, and sensorsRadar systems and equipment
Compasses, gyroscopic and magnetic except portableRadio magnetic instrumentation (RMI)
Distance measuring equipment (DME), aeronauticalRate-of-climb instrumentation
Driftmeters, aeronauticalSextants, except surveying
Glide slope instrumentationSonar fish finders
GyrocompassesSonar systems and equipment
GyrogimbalsSpace vehicle guidance systems and equipment
GyropilotsTaffrail logs
GyroscopesWarfare countermeasures equipment
Heads-up display (HUD) systems, aeronauticalWheel position indicators and transmitters, aircraft
Horizon situation instrumentation
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3812Search and Navigation Equipment3,816
381200Search and navigation equipment1,152
38120000Search and navigation equipment1,152
381201Aircraft/aerospace flight instruments and guidance systems612
38120100Aircraft/aerospace flight instruments and guidance systems353
38120101Acceleration indicators and systems components, aerospace116
38120102Aircraft flight instruments35
38120103Airspeed instrumentation (aeronautical instruments)8
38120104Altimeters, standard and sensitive5
38120107Artificial horizon instrumentation1
38120108Bank and turn indicators and components0
38120109Driftmeters, aeronautical1
38120110Electronic detection systems (aeronautical)19
38120111Flight recorders3
38120112Glide slope indicators1
38120113Gyro gimbals0
38120117Heads-up display systems (HUD), aeronautical6
38120118Horizon flight indicators1
38120119Inertial guidance systems9
38120120Infrared object detection equipment29
38120121Instrument landing systems (ILS), airborne or ground3
38120123Omnibearing indicators3
38120124Position indicators for aircraft equipment1
38120125Rate-of-climb instrumentation3
381202Aircraft control instruments105
38120200Aircraft control instruments26
38120201Aircraft control systems, electronic64
38120202Automatic pilots, aircraft15
381203Navigational systems and instruments396
38120300Navigational systems and instruments129
38120301Antennas, radar or communications51
38120302Binnacles (compass housings)1
38120303Compasses and accessories11
38120304Control receivers0
38120305Degaussing equipment2
38120306Radar systems and equipment98
38120307Sonar systems and equipment91
38120308Space vehicle guidance systems and equipment13
381204Nautical instruments49
38120400Nautical instruments18
38120404Taffrail logs0
381205Defense systems and equipment1,307
38120500Defense systems and equipment1,286
38120501Missile guidance systems and equipment9
38120502Warfare counter-measure equipment12
381206Search and detection systems and instruments162
38120600Search and detection systems and instruments75
38120601Air traffic control systems and equipment, electronic16
38120602Detection apparatus: electronic/magnetic field, light/heat54
38120603Electronic field detection apparatus (aeronautical)5
38120604Magnetic field detection apparatus12
381299Search and navigation equipment, nec33
38129901Cabin environment indicators9
38129902Distance measuring equipment6
38129903Light or heat emission operating apparatus13
38129904Pictorial deviation indicators1
38129905Radio magnetic instrumentation4