Industry: 3699—Electrical Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies, Not Elsewhere
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electrical machinery, equipment, and supplies, not elsewhere classified, including high energy particle acceleration systems and equipment, electronic simulators, appliance and extension cords, bells and chimes, and insect traps.

Accelerating waveguide structuresFlytraps, electrical
Amplifiers; magnetic, pulse, and maserGongs, electric
Appliance cords for e.g., electric irons, grills, waffle irons—mfpmGrids, electric
Atom smashers (particle accelerators)Lamps, insect: electric
Bells, electricLaser welding, drilling and cutting equipment
BetatronsLinear accelerators
Chimes, electricLogs, fireplace: electric
Christmas tree lighting sets, electricMaser amplifiers
Clothing, electrically heatedOrnaments, Christmas tree: electric
CyclotronsOutboard motors, electric
Door opening and closing devices, electricalParticle accelerators, high voltage
DynamotronsTeaching machines and aids, electronic
Electric fence chargersTrouble lights—mfpm
Electron beam metal cutting, forming, and welding machinesUltrasonic cleaning equipment, except medical and dental
Electron linear acceleratorsUltrasonic generators sold separately for inclusion in tools and equipment
Electrostatic particle acceleratorsUltrasonic welding machines and equipment
Extension cords, made from purchased insulated wireWaveguide pressurization equipment
Flight simulators (training aids), electronic
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3699Electrical Equipment and Supplies, Nec5,297
369900Electrical equipment and supplies, nec2,957
36990000Electrical equipment and supplies, nec2,957
369901High-energy particle physics equipment92
36990100High-energy particle physics equipment46
36990101Accelerating waveguide structures11
36990102Atom smasher (particle accelerators)1
36990106Electron linear accelerators4
36990107Electrostatic particle accelerators5
36990108Linear accelerators13
36990109Particle accelerators, high voltage4
36990110Pulsed electron guns1
369902Electrical welding equipment184
36990200Electrical welding equipment28
36990201Electron beam metal cutting, forming or welding machines14
36990202Laser welding, drilling, and cutting equipment107
36990203Welding machines and equipment, ultrasonic35
369903Electronic training devices274
36990300Electronic training devices104
36990301Countermeasure simulators, electric14
36990302Flight simulators (training aids), electronic95
36990303Teaching machines and aids, electronic29
36990304Automotive driving simulators (training aids), electronic32
369904Electric sound equipment116
36990400Electric sound equipment76
36990401Bells, electric6
36990402Chimes, electric9
36990403Gongs, electric0
36990404Sound signaling devices, electrical16
36990405Underwater sound equipment9
369905Security devices978
36990500Security devices484
36990501Electric fence chargers7
36990502Security control equipment and systems487
369906Household electrical equipment222
36990600Household electrical equipment36
36990601Appliance cords, for household electrical equipment21
36990602Christmas tree lighting sets, electric21
36990603Christmas tree ornaments, electric2
36990604Door opening and closing devices, electrical114
36990605Extension cords12
36990606Fireplace logs, electric6
36990607Fly traps, electrical7
36990608Insect lamps, electric3
369999Electrical equipment and supplies, nec, nec474
36999901Cleaning equipment, ultrasonic, except medical and dental59
36999902Fire control or bombing equipment, electronic32
36999903Generators, ultrasonic4
36999904Grids, electric13
36999905Heat emission operating apparatus21
36999906Laser systems and equipment312
36999907Lead-in wires, electric lamp4
36999908Maser equipment0
36999909Outboard motors, electric5
36999910Photographic control systems, electronic11
36999911Pulse amplifiers7
36999912Trouble lights5
36999913Waveguide pressurization equipment1