Industry: 3695—Magnetic And Optical Recording Media
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing blank tape, disk, or cassette magnetic or optical recording media for use in recording audio, video, or other signals. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing blank or recorded records and prerecorded audio tapes are classified in Industry 3652; those manufacturing prepackaged computer software are classified in Services, Industry 7372; and those manufacturing prerecorded video tape cassettes and disks are classified in Services, Major Group 78.

Audio range tapes, blankMagnetic recording tape, blank: reels, cassettes, and disks
Computer software tape and disks, blank: rigid and floppyOptical disks and tape, blank
Instrumentation type tape, blankVideo recording tape, blank
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3695Magnetic and Optical Recording Media491
369500Magnetic and optical recording media119
36950000Magnetic and optical recording media119
369501Magnetic disks and drums290
36950100Magnetic disks and drums9
36950101Computer software tape and disks: blank, rigid, and floppy280
36950102Drums, magnetic1
369502Magnetic tape61
36950200Magnetic tape12
36950201Audio range tape, blank14
36950202Instrumentation type tape, blank8
36950203Video recording tape, blank27
369599Magnetic and optical recording media, nec21
36959901Optical disks and tape, blank21