Industry: 3694—Electrical Equipment for Internal Combustion Engines
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electrical equipment for internal combustion engines. Important products of this industry include armatures, starting motors, alternators, and generators for automobiles and aircraft; and ignition apparatus for internal combustion engines, including spark plugs, magnetos, coils, and distributors.

Alternators, motor vehicleHarness wiring sets for internal combustion engines
Armatures, motor vehicleIgnition cable sets or wire assemblies for internal combustion engines
Battery cable wiring sets for internal combustion enginesIgnition systems, high frequency
Battery charging generators for internal combustion enginesMotors, starting: motor vehicle and aircraft
Breaker point sets, internal combustion engineRegulators, voltage: motor vehicle
Coils, ignition: internal combustion enginesSpark plugs for internal combustion engines
Distributors, motor vehicle engineVoltage regulators, motor vehicle
Generators, aircraft and motor vehicle
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3694Engine Electrical Equipment697
369400Engine electrical equipment183
36940000Engine electrical equipment183
369401Battery charging alternators and generators138
36940100Battery charging alternators and generators22
36940101Alternators, automotive78
36940102Battery charging generators, automobile and aircraft16
36940103Generators, automotive and aircraft12
36940104Motor generator sets, automotive7
36940105Voltage regulators, automotive3
369402Ignition apparatus and distributors209
36940200Ignition apparatus and distributors66
36940201Distributors, motor vehicle engine43
36940202Harness wiring sets, internal combustion engines38
36940203Ignition apparatus, internal combustion engines14
36940204Ignition coils, automotive5
36940205Ignition systems, high frequency12
36940206Motors, starting: automotive and aircraft20
36940207Spark plugs, for internal combustion engines11
369499Engine electrical equipment, nec167
36949901Armatures, automotive5
36949902Automotive electrical equipment, nec146
36949903Battery cable wiring sets for internal combustion engines14
36949904Breaker point sets, internal combustion engine2