SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3679—Electronic Components, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic components, not elsewhere classified, such as receiving antennas, switches, and waveguides. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing radio and television transmitting antennas are classified in Industry 3663.

Antennas, receiving: automobile, home, and portablePower supplies, static, and variable frequency
Antennas, satellite: home typePulse forming networks
AttenuatorsQuartz crystals for electronic application
Commutators, electronicRecording and playback heads, magnetic
Cores, magneticRecording heads for speech and musical equipment
Cryogenic cooling devices (e.g., cryostats) for infrared detectors and masersRectifiers, electronic: except solid-state
Crystals and crystal assemblies, radioResonant reed devices, electronic
Delay linesRheostats, electronic
Harness assemblies for electronic use: wire and cableSockets, electronic tube
Headphones, radioSolenoids for electronic applications
Heads, recording for speech and musical equipmentStatic power supply converters for electronic applications
Hermetic seals for electronic equipmentStep positioners for transmitting equipment
Impedance conversion units, high frequencyStyli, phonograph record cutting
Liquid crystal displaysSwitches, electronic
Loads, electronicSwitches, stepping
Microwave componentsTransducers for use in measuring and testing instruments and equipments
Oscillators, except laboratory typeTube retainers, electronic
Parametric amplifiersTube spacers, mica
Passive repeatersTube transformer assemblies used in firing electronic tubes
Phonograph needle cartridgesVideo triggers, except remote control television devices
Phonograph needlesVoice controls
Piezoelectric crystalsWaveguides and fittings
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3679Electronic Components, Nec3,135
367900Electronic components, nec324
36790000Electronic components, nec324
367901Electronic circuits1,481
36790100Electronic circuits1,194
36790102Commutators, electronic28
36790103Delay lines4
36790104Impedance conversion units, high frequency1
36790105Microwave components158
36790106Passive repeaters3
36790107Pulse forming networks2
36790108Rectifiers, electronic6
36790109Rheostats, for electronic end products12
36790110Solenoids for electronic applications8
36790111Transducers, electrical44
36790112Waveguides and fittings7
367902Recording and playback apparatus, including phonograph75
36790200Recording and playback apparatus, including phonograph26
36790201Phonograph needle cartridges1
36790202Phonograph needles1
36790203Recording and playback heads, magnetic8
36790204Recording heads, speech and musical equipment39
367903Electronic loads and power supplies282
36790300Electronic loads and power supplies112
36790301Loads, electronic13
36790303Power supplies, all types: static111
36790304Static power supply converters for electronic applications28
367904Electronic crystals89
36790400Electronic crystals33
36790401Crystals and crystal assemblies, radio6
36790402Piezoelectric crystals7
36790403Quartz crystals, for electronic application43
367905Electronic switches131
36790500Electronic switches119
36790501Step positioners, for transmitting equipment1
36790502Switches, stepping4
36790503Video triggers, except remote control TV devices7
367999Electronic components, nec, nec753
36799901Antennas, receiving77
36799902Antennas, satellite: household use57
36799903Cores, magnetic23
36799904Cryogenic cooling devices for infrared detectors, masers9
36799905Harness assemblies, for electronic use: wire or cable403
36799906Headphones, radio39
36799907Hermetic seals, for electronic equipment33
36799908Liquid crystal displays (LCD)80
36799909Parametric amplifiers6
36799910Resonant reed devices, electronic1
36799911Sockets, electronic tube1
36799912Tube retainers, electronic2
36799913Tube spacers, mica0
36799914Tube transformer assemblies used in firing electronic tubes3
36799915Voice controls19