Industry: 3677—Electronic Coils, Transformers, and Other Inductors
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic coils, transformers, and inductors. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electrical transformers are classified in Industry 3612; those manufacturing transformers and inductors for telephone and telegraph apparatus are classified in Industry 3661, and those manufacturing semiconductors and related devices are classified in Industry 3674.

BalunsCoupling transformers
Coil windings, electronicFlyback transformers
Coils, chokes and other inductors, electronicTransformers, electronic types
Constant impedance transformersTransformers: power supply electronic type
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3677Electronic Coils and Transformers516
367700Electronic coils and transformers151
36770000Electronic coils and transformers151
367701Electronic transformers138
36770100Electronic transformers70
36770101Constant impedance transformers1
36770102Coupling transformers2
36770103Flyback transformers1
36770104Transformers power supply, electronic type64
367799Electronic coils and transformers, nec227
36779902Coil windings, electronic45
36779903Filtration devices, electronic162
36779904Inductors, electronic18