SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3674—Semiconductors and Related Devices
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing semiconductors and related solid-state devices. Important products of this industry are semiconductor diodes and stacks, including rectifiers, integrated microcircuits (semiconductor networks), transistors, solar cells, and light sensing and emitting semi-conductor (solid-state) devices.

Computer logic modulesPhotoelectric magnetic devices
Controlled rectifiers, solid-statePhotovoltaic devices, solid-state
Diodes, solid state (germanium, silicon, etc.)Random access memories (RAMS)
Fuel cells, solid-stateRead only memories (ROMS)
Gunn effect devicesRectifiers, solid-state
Hall effect devicesSchottky diodes
Hybrid integrated circuitsSemiconductor circuit networks (solid state integrated circuits)
Infrared sensors, solid-stateSemiconductor devices
Laser diodesSilicon wafers, chemically doped
Light emitting diodesSolar cells
Light sensitive devices, solid-stateSolid-state electronic devices
Magnetic bubble memory deviceStrain gages, solid-state
Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) devicesStud bases or mounts for semiconductor devices
Memories, solid-stateSwitches, silicon control
Metal oxide silicon (MOS) devicesThermionic devices, solid-state
Microcircuits, integrated (semiconductor)Thermoelectric devices, solid-stare
MicroprocessorsThin film circuits
Modules, solid-stateThyristors
Molecular devices, solid-stateTransistors
Monolithic integrated circuits (solid-state)Tunnel diodes
Optical isolatorsUltraviolet sensors, solid state
Parametric diodesVariable capacitance diodes
Photoconductive cellsWafers(semiconductor devices)
Photoelectric cells, solid-state (electronic eye)Zener diodes
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3674Semiconductors and Related Devices3,561
367400Semiconductors and related devices1,875
36740000Semiconductors and related devices1,875
367401Semiconductor diodes and rectifiers231
36740100Semiconductor diodes and rectifiers27
36740101Controlled rectifiers, solid state3
36740102Diodes, solid state (germanium, silicon, etc.)11
36740103Light emitting diodes185
36740105Rectifiers, solid state3
36740110Zener diodes1
367402Integrated circuits, semiconductor networks, etc.917
36740200Integrated circuits, semiconductor networks, etc.406
36740201Computer logic modules38
36740202Hybrid integrated circuits30
36740203Magnetic bubble memory device8
36740204Memories, solid state12
36740205Metal oxide silicon (MOS) devices7
36740206Microcircuits, integrated (semiconductor)123
36740208Monolithic integrated circuits (solid state)7
36740209Random access memory (RAM)23
36740210Read-only memory (ROM)11
36740211Semiconductor circuit networks54
36740212Thin film circuits15
36740213Wafers (semiconductor devices)59
367403Light sensitive devices262
36740300Light sensitive devices12
36740301Light sensitive devices, solid state5
36740302Photoconductive cells2
36740303Photoelectric cells, solid state (electronic eye)4
36740304Photoelectric magnetic devices4
36740305Photovoltaic devices, solid state46
36740306Solar cells189
367404Radiation sensors95
36740400Radiation sensors40
36740401Infrared sensors, solid state43
36740402Ultra-violet sensors, solid state12
367499Semiconductors and related devices, nec181
36749901Fuel cells, solid state23
36749902Gunn effect devices1
36749903Hall effect devices3
36749904Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) devices0
36749905Modules, solid state15
36749906Molecular devices, solid state6
36749907Nuclear detectors, solid state5
36749908Optical isolators9
36749909Silicon wafers, chemically doped23
36749910Solid state electronic devices, nec60
36749911Strain gages, solid state8
36749912Stud bases or mounts for semiconductor devices3
36749913Switches, silicon control5
36749915Thermoelectric devices, solid state9